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Founders Club + Church Hosting + Tax Day!

Here we are on Tuesday morning-ish, drawing closer and closer to the 15th and the end of a 10.4% discount code (1040EZ) & the Founders Club’s final 2 spots coming to a close, not to leave out Church Hosting which is continuing to grow… grow… grow! Few things to go over so let’s break it up

Founders Club

2 spots remain to join the ranks of this exclusive club, why do I call it “Founders Club” well it’s been part of a long-time idea for FlockHosting, to have a group of folks who help build FlockHosting, and $200 while gives lifetime hosting, it does bolster funds for FlockHosting in the short-term to build services and grow things like Church Hosting!

So if you’re dragging your feet because $200 is a lot of money, well think of these perks in addition to not having a hosting bill for your hosting:

  • 15% off all domain renewals & future hosting services (Email, VPS, Dedicated, You name it!)
  • Exclusive Free FlockHosting Gear – Shirts, Mousepads, and Hats planned.
  • Early Beta Access to New Services at No Cost.
  • Special Package Upgrades (More Storage, New Services, All at no cost!)
  • Random Perks Applied to other hosting accounts in your account, for instance Brenten may not of noticed that his other hosting account received a year renewal – No Cost – who knows what I’ll do next, maybe a mail server? VPS for a Designer who is in the Founders Club? Possibilities are endless!
  • More planned down the line!

It may not seem like much but those of you signing up for what seems like a spectacular deal of Lifetime Hosting – you are helping lay the foundation of FlockHosting today, for a stronger FlockHosting tomorrow, and if I can help build up your website be it a ministry, business or even a personal blog, let me return the favor!

Now I am not sure Founders Club spots will return, this time around was for a big foundational need, still not completely met, but it’s helped out a TON, so get in on this amazing deal to help not only you with your bottom line, but too help build FlockHosting’s services like Church Hosting to support even more churches! We nearly need another server… more on that next!

Church Hosting

It’s a passion of mine. I’ve greatly enjoyed the over 100+ churches who currently utilize Church Hosting, some are a delight to work with, while others are so self sufficient I don’t even know they are there except for the fact their website is getting traffic!

So it’s getting time to grow again, the current server while could likely handle another 100+ websites, it’s getting crowded, and I want Churches to enjoy speed not clogged lines. Let’s keep the message flowing free! Can you help raise some funds for a Server + Backup?

If you are not up for the $200 price tag of the Founders Club, then maybe a $10 donation? The donation buttons are still up on the old Crowd Funding Site, it’s secured with SSL, so feel free to donate, it’s not pretty – but never fear a full crowd funding plan is coming!

Tax Day!

For most you wouldn’t think this is a day of rejoicing – oh but it is 🙂 So to that end instead of being someone posting “Ugh Tax Day!” share a little joy – Post something uplifting and you can get a chance to win one of the following:

  • A Google Chromebook
  • 1 of 3 Google Chromecasts

It’s Google Tastic I know! But first thing in the morning (as in I’ll have it scheduled for 12:01 AM) a post will go in how you can share positivity on a day which can be stressful! Not creative, never fear, I’ll have formatted posts you can share from FlockHosting on Twitter & Facebook, you tag FlockHosting back – and you’re entered to win! Want to be sure I got it? You can always email the special address noted in the contest post.

Normally this is open to FlockHosting Customers only, but this time that’s different, FlockHosting’s going to spread a little joy too – ANYONE may post! Winners will be randomly selected and if at the end your Facebook or Twitter account is selected then I’ll get some details for shipping (United States Only) – so this time around maybe a few more folks will join in the fun to make Tax Day a little less depressing.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more! Have a BLESSED Day Today!

Customer Appreciation 2013: First Giveaway!

I really do appreciate each of my customers! Truly I can say without hesitation that I have some of the most amazing customers! In customer appreciation months past I’ve showcased customers and sites, this year it’s not about a single customer each week, it’s about giving back to each customer and truly saying “THANK YOU!” for your continued business with FlockHosting!

So a little something for FlockHosting customers today – two giveaway options, you can pick one of the two but you must be a customer of FlockHosting:


Starbucks Coffee! There are 10 7 $5 gift cards up for grabs – and it’s easy to get ahold of – just need to Tweet or Facebook Post the following:

My Webhost Appreciates Me! Gave me a cuppa joe! #flockhosting

It’s that easy, and tag FlockHosting’s Facebook Page or Twitter account and you’re off and running! Couldn’t be simpler! On Monday I’ll start rolling out as many cards that have been claimed!

Lastly the 2nd option – $5 Credit on your account! This one is much easier, simply reply to this on Facebook/Twitter or Comment here on the blog with the following:

My Webhost Appreciates Me! I just saved $5 on my next bill! #flockhosting

It’s that easy! First 10 on each (remember one or the other, can’t do both!) – No time limits, just when they are gone, they are gone! So don’t delay and thanks again for being a FlockHosting Customer!

Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 3)

So here we are at Day 3 – And what do I have in store? Oh some handy dandy upgrades – no matter the plan you are on, be it legacy, be it an APPRECIATE plan, or even one of the newest $5/$10 packages – everyone today is getting some upgrades!

  • 500MB Additional Storage
  • 1000MB Additional Bandwidth

But too if your on a legacy plan, sorry – you aren’t anymore on the server! All customers will be upgrading to one of the two standard plans based upon your current package setup! This won’t be a quick set of upgrades – since some folks are on LEGACY packages like the old Crazy October packages 🙂

Your billing – Remains the same! No changes, in the billing system you’ll have no changes, if your paying $5 now, you will be paying $5 still! Just the resources allotted to you will be updated to the modern plans and features, and this way you can grow with these packages as upgrades come around! (hint hint!)

So there you have it, your all getting upgraded! So keep an eye on your packages, while I’d like to inform everyone when they are upgraded, sadly you’ll simply just need to watch your account for the changes when you login to cPanel it will note a new set of quota limits and you’ll be good to go!

The Giveaway!

So yesterday for Day 2 I announced that there would be 3 Years of Hosting given away, and I know folks were skeptical, I mean 3 years of hosting there has to be a catch right? Nope – this is the real deal, were to be Cheerful Givers in this life – says in that linked scripture that God Loves it!  I don’t think that limits to the offering plate passed around on Sunday 🙂 Free Church Hosting, Great Giveaways like this, LOVE doing it!

I have read over the posts and must say some good stuff, and it was such a hard choice to make. So I didn’t make one…… I made 5 – as a thank you to all who participated and shared a story, a reason, or even just thanks for an opertunity for something they didn’t feel they deserved, or even my dear friend continuing her winning streak 🙂

Congrats to the following commenters:

  • Joseph
  • Victoria
  • Katie
  • Brenten
  • Lakeisha
  • Chuck (Just Kidding)

Joseph, I’ll be contacting you by the end of next week on organizing getting your brother online and operational – going to throw in a little bit of consulting too if you need it via Skype/Live Chat to help organize and get the site up and running if you need it – Victoria, Katie, Brenten and Lakeisha – You four will have $162 in credits applied to your accounts ($54 x 3 years) by the end of next week, and it will simply allow any and all services (including domains, yes I’m feeling wild!) to utilize those funds – as you each have various # of accounts/domains – this will allow you to have some savings across the board! If your a PayPal Subscriber contact me middle of next week, if you have a credit card on file, it’ll simply ignore your card and take credits till they are gone!

Now if you too have won and your now saying “Oh I want to be a cheerful giver too!” by next week I’ll be providing each of you with a $10 COUPON unique to you – this doesn’t eat at your credits, but cheerfully and joyfully give someone a gift, each will have 3 uses for 3 people, have a friend? Want to share it on your website? Pass it on. Share some savings with friends and family and enjoy the winnings yourself!

The week is NOT over folks! More goodies to come! Stay tuned for more giveaways coming, this is only day 3, still 4, 5, 6 and 7 🙂


Welcome to July! (or 2012, Part 2)

So a BUSY June! A lot going on behind the scenes with not only FlockHosting but too personal life! Birthdays, graduations, mini-vacations, kittens attacking toes, and a lot of colorful fun at Color Me Rad 5k Bakersfield (going again in Fresno!) – yes it had it all! But here we are on the other side into July and so far so good!

June’s fun will continue thru July, the Fitbit giveaway, T-Shirt Design Contest, and Promo code “SUMMERTIME” will still give you a savings so that’s all well and good, but what about July? What does July get? Well glad you asked. 🙂

As things head into the second half of the year and we push forward, I want to really keep the flow of giveaways going, and I know I could say “Free Year of Hosting” and for some, that’d be just peachy – but how can I kick it up a notch to really keep the momentum going for Customer Appreciation Month (Already being planned!), there have been kindles, iPod’s, etc. tons of give aways, but what next?

Nexus 7.

Google recently announced this badboy, and end of this month, 1 lucky customer (must have at least 1 active hosting account or domain) will have a chance to win this beautiful 7 inch tablet. Sure it’s no iPad, but it has some serious power behind it and access to Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, and more – plus the Google Chrome browser on mobile – super fast!

So how do you get your hands on this? How do you win this? Come on already Chuck SPILL IT! (LOL) Well its all about actual sign-ups – to have a chance to win, you must have at least 2 people sign-up for services and give your name in the comments section (Affiliate links work too – so if you don’t win, at least you get some $$$) – but for every 2 people, you get an entry! End of the month to be fair most entries win.

How do you get folks to sign-up? Not always a easy sell to folks right? Well Church Hosting counts too – its a 100% free service for churches! So if your church needs a site there’s an option — but please only if you have a need for the site, if your signing up to simply get an entry, please prayerfully consider that option as Church Hosting is a labor of love and space/resources are precious! If you plan to truly use it, then welcome aboard!

Other ideas, if you have a favorite website/blog thats having uptime issues, point them to FlockHosting! Just spread the word! Working on some promo materials and making packs to send out to folks who want em but things like Generic Business  Cards without my contact info, but good promo to give to someone that you can share by simply handing but too write your name on it so you can get some promo fun! T-Shirt contest too will help make more promo goodies to wear 🙂

So thats the July Promo to add to the list of fun from June that’s carried over, all things end August 5th (Sunday) and results will be posted and online for all goodies August 8th by 10pm – so to recap:

#1 – Fibit Giveaway to keep healthy! (Customer Only)

#2 – 25% off lifetime savings with promo code SUMMERTIME (Open to the Public)

#3 – T-Shirt Design Contest for some free hosting, spending money at Amazon, donation in your name and a free t-shirt you designed! (Open to the Public)

#4 – Nexus 7 Contest for most sign-ups thru August 5th! (Customer Only)


Go July Go!

So there you have it! That’s the re-cap, another post coming later this week about some new monthly maintenance windows and server changes upcoming so stay tuned for that, newsletter and video heading out this week too!  If your not on the newsletter for some reason, get signed up!

I hope folks can get involved in the fun! Hope your July is off to a great start!

And the winners are…..

Customer Appreciation Month!

I love a good giveaway, don’t you? Well to not drag this out Ryan Seacrest style, no after the commercial breaks, without further delay, our 11 winners! (Emails will be going out later today to all winners!)

FlockHosting Mousepad, T-Shirt, and Pen (5 Winners)

  1. John S.
  2. Mark H.
  3. Brenten G.
  4. Matt H.
  5. Chris V.

These are still running slowly thru the printers, will be done and out to you before month’s end, please be sure your address on file is up to date!

$15 Amazon MP3 Card (3 Winners)

  1. Josh R.
  2. Mark K.
  3. David L.

These will be issued via Email, if you have an alternate email address you use for Amazon, please let me know so I can issue the digital code properly to your account.

1 Year of FlockHosting Service (2 Winners)

  1. JR M.
  2. Chris M.

A credit will be applied to your account for 1 year’s worth of service, this can be used to start up other accounts or simply leave it in place and at your future invoices it’ll deduct from your credits!

Amazon Kindle (Wifi/3G) + $25 Amazon Gift Card (1 Winner!)

  1. Victoria M.

I hope you’ll greatly enjoy it! Thanks for playing everyone!

There you have it!

It has been a big year for FlockHosting, busy, and some growing lately across the board, but I don’t want things to slow down! Thank you ALL for your participation this year in Customer Appreciation Month, I hope next year to try to out-do this year! Hopefully with even more great customers to appreciate!

Big congrats too for all the winners! Thanks to all customers for participating! Few of you who entered every day like clockwork! Thanks also to the services of Random.org for helping randomize the entires and select the winners!

I hope everyone has a great week, more news coming soon from FlockHosting, hope you’ll stop by and use Live Chat, Leave Feedback, or Join us on Facebook, Twitter and The Forums soon!