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FlockUpdate: August 2015

Show Notes:

The Wrap-up!

fh-giftAnd the winners are:

  • Brenten G. wins a ASUS C200MA-DS01 Chromebook
  • Mike S. wins a Chromecast
  • Gordon D. wins a Chromecast

Which means we had 1 leftover from each event, I still have a Chromecast in reserve & we didn’t see the final spot for the Founders Club taken – but never fear! More fun things are coming with a new attempt at Crowd Funding for Church Hosting & our usual fun with customer appreciation, and other goodies I have floating around in my head 🙂

Thanks to all our new founders & Brenten, Mike and Gordon for having some fun on Tax Day with Me!

I Appreciate You!

canwetalkSo this year’s customer appreciation had a lot of plans in my head!  But sadly being sick, loss of a friend, and a surge in customers & work, I didn’t get to do everything I hoped. The month is wrapping up quickly and I haven’t had time to be promoter, support, and billing department all at once – so things didn’t get out like I had hoped! But I don’t give up! The Final 5!

#1. Saying it. Meaning it.

Some of you have been around mere days in reading this (Greetings New Church Hosters!) and some of you have been around over a decade! Thank you! FlockHosting has continued to grow, maybe not always a paid account to bring in revenue, but to get a Church online & message out there for the world to see? Awesome stuff! It’s growing daily, up to nearly 40 churches hosting sermons, email, events etc. all online at NO COST! That’s a blessing! Even talking to the associate pastor at my own church on Sunday he had a friend who could utilize the service and forwarded it on! God is good!

But I do mean it when I say I appreciate my customers, I don’t just type words, I have some of the best customers – sure there’s always the ones who feel they are too needy and are my “trouble” customer, but even those requests that come of “HELP! THE SKY IS FALLING!” I’m here and happy to help, and I am blessed even recently in rough days one customer reached out and made sure I was okay, another on the passing of Tim, let me know they were praying – FlockHosting is a blessing to me for sure, I mean it when I do say I appreciate you guys!

#2. Being a Resource!

Some of you know me, some of you do not – If you are the second who doesn’t, get to know me. I’m here to be a help and a resource to any and all FlockHosters – Not just the common “Hey Chuck My Email isn’t working! Help!” – That I can help with, but too helping with your website, if you need help in trying to accomplish something you’ve never done before. Just ask!

Secondly I’m a prayer junkie, if you need prayer for family, job, website, church, healing, you name it – I am here to help you when and where I can! Just open a ticket, check the communicate page or catch me on Live Chat and we’ll get you helped out!


big-heart#3. Fun Fun Fun

It’s true – I’m a junkie for promotions, I still want to have some fun here, and there is still some giveaways to go in this these final days of Customer Appreciation – so why not see who’s actually reading this and make a few little offers:

How do you enter? Well between now and month’s end, give a shout out to FlockHosting! How do you shout out? Simple – you can use hash tag #flockhosting or tag us on Twitter/Facebook using @flockhosting (on Facebook this will change into FlockHosting’s name) – You can too share our tweets, tell a friend about FlockHosting, spread the word and each day you get 2 entries counted – one for Twitter and One for Facebook – You can earn a 3rd by referrals to FlockHosting – but you have 7 days to get your name in the hat to win ONE of the various prizes listed above!

Each entry is your name in the hat, and randomly I’ll select winners for each of the above! But wait there’s more!

  • 7 – $5 Starbucks Gift Cards Still Up for Grabs (Blog Post)
  • 10 – $5 Hosting Credits Still Up for Grabs (Blog Post)

I am going to be working on some other fun FlockHosting goodies (Still need a t-shirt!) but stay tuned for more fun for the remainder of 2013, and too leading into 2014!


#4. CA-2014-p/b Package

This year I’m kicking in a package to all customers CA-2014-P (Personal) and CA2014-B (Business) – these are some special accounts, they take you off the standard packages, and double your hosting power!

Personal will see 2GB->4GB of storage, and a upgrade from 30GB->60GB of bandwidth, Business will see 3GB->6GB of storage and an upgrade from 40GB->80GB of bandwidth! Now these are special and will upgrade differently than what FlockHosting.com offers! So all current customers and any new customers through October will benefit from these upgrades – All at no additional cost, and no request! I’ll be done by month’s end with the upgrades!


#5. Being open to help!

One of the big things I’m going to wrap up this month with is accepting help. Some have said they want to help FlockHosting, and I’m going to put it out there, with your help we’re going to eliminate some hassles with FlockHosting, and begin to lay the groundwork for some new staffers to come on board in the 2014 business year! Marketing and Billing folks! I am looking to expand and get things even more streamlined to where I can work where I am most useful and bounce around if I need to!

So stay tuned for start of November to have our own little kick starter to really push to build up FlockHosting’s offerings including Church Hosting and enhancing the servers even more! So stay tuned on how you can be a part and lend a hand, but never fear – there are going to be great rewards with each level of help including the return of the Founder’s Club!  So if you’re looking for great deals or a way to give back to the community of users at FlockHosting, stay tuned! I’m dropping my pride and looking for help!



Wrap up!

Thanks for taking the time to read, hopefully you’ll join in these last bits of fun and giveaways, if not I’ll have a lot of multi-media devices 🙂 Thanks for being a customer, but do stay tuned – you know me, you never know what I have up my sleeve still! More to come – I’m still building a bigger and better FlockHosting!

Customer Appreciation Month – Wrap Up!

Wow what a month, what a start to a week! First off thank you to all of you for your prayers for my 5k – did it in about 48 minutes, day of walking got about 7 miles of total walking with good friends and family – so I apologize for the spotty weekend, just technical glitches galore with getting online!

This week has started off a tad crazy, and thus why things are still hanging around – I found out Monday afternoon that after 5 years,that my day job doing IT was coming to an end, thus a day that just went a tad all-over for most, and strangely a peace for me, as I have been praying about my continued employment and focusing more on FlockHosting & Light Unto – God’s got a plan and I would appreciate your prayers! Means some changes for sure, adjusting budgets and just figuring out a good plan and seeing what God has in store! But that’s my transparency to you all about current things a-foot in my life – but, enough about me, onto the final things of the month!

Day 7 

My commitment. I am going to work harder even more so with some additional time coming up, to engage each of you – thats a lot of folks to interact with, and don’t expect a form “Dear Customer” letter – I want to reach out to each of you, look at your accounts and find where we can save you even more money, help build up the resources you need for your site to function, provide some of my time and knowledge to be a help to you if it can be!

FlockHosting is a joy for me to serve you! That’s the reason for this month to appreciate you – and yes… the 4th annual is coming next year same month! Same fun! So be prepared, and know that if you guys are in need of help, or are thinking about closing your account, or growing your account and unsure if FlockHosting is the right fit, touch base, I am not going to bite off more than I can chew, my commitment is to be clear, open and honest with you about the capabilities of FlockHosting – so if its more than I can do, I’ll let you know! So please take my commitment to you 100%! If you need help, have a question, etc. simply but ask!

Prizes Prizes Prizes!

Okay onto the final goodies – a few things to do some housekeeping on – so onto the rundown:

Postbox Giveaway

This one didn’t pick up much steam, and I am not sure if it’s simply folks weren’t excited about the software – which is a-ok, just works for me, hoped it’d be something for you – but as it stands here’s the take – empty spots are up for grabs, interested? Post a comment or tweet “@Flockhosting I’d like one!” or on Facebook Comment on the post that sent you here  and it’s yours! First come first serve:

  1. Joe M.
  2. Andrew L.
  3. Obed Lopez
  4. Brenten
  5. Jeff S.
  6. -up for grabs-
  7. -up for grabs-
  8. -up for grabs-
  9. -up for grabs-
  10. -up for grabs-

Have at em! Flockhosting customers only! (Flockhosting customers can get them and give them, just touch base with me if you desire to do that).

Kindle Paperwhite

This one was another one I wanted to have some fun with, the reason for the question is who would you give it to – quite simple – you get two. 🙂

I loved the stories posted, reading thru why people would hand them off, good stuff indeed – but as much as I’d like to give away 2 to each person who posted, in this case I can’t but the person who won can provide some fun and reading while enjoying the same fun themselves! So after praying over them, and doing a quick draw of a name, the winner is:

Obed Lopez

I hope you enjoy it and enjoy too giving the extra away! Again this is a pre-order item, it will be shipped out later this month and I will be in touch with you on the time-table and process as we get closer! Stay tuned!


Hosting Dream Feature

I love hearing from customers about what would make their hosting experience better – I do my best to provide a good selection of services, features and functions – I try to keep things safe, and easy to work with, but sometimes you may be looking for…. feature XYZ! And maybe not know its around or maybe something I’ve never thought of – so the idea was posted for  by Brenten for an Ad Server – I thought “why not!” could be a great benefit for customers who do run content driven sites, so for that idea I say a prize is in order.

And while the prize was never set, you know me – I like to have fun, I like to mix it up. So what does Brenten get? Well its a little something I built for family a few years ago, I had siblings who were married and on tight budgets – I call it “Date in an Envelope” – It’s a collection of gift cards (an undisclosed amount) for Movies, Food, and Fun! I’ll be working with Brenten  to ensure all gift cards will work in his area but some dates out with the fam, or even just a 1 person self date 🙂

Thanks for great ideas which can be a benefit to all FlockHosters!


I just want to say thank you again! Blessed to get some chats and feedback from customers during this time, and as one person told me “You don’t have to do this” I know I don’t – but I cheerfully do! For 10 years I’ve been doing FlockHosting – and I appreciate customers who make it all worth it! I am blessed by the friendships that form thru this business, and that I can bless not only someone who a normal business would call “Customer #02918” but I can say “Thank You Friends!” – and to those of you reading this who don’t deal with me that often, again like my commitment above, I welcome time to work with you and do my best to serve you and help your website flourish!

I hope everyone has a blessed October, and thanks for a great month!

Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 4)

So the adventure continues! I have a busy week ahead next week building out all the final goodies from this week! I am prepping of course for my 5k on Saturday so been getting some additional prep in and of course packing as its out of town – but you’ll start to see more and more of the goodies (New Webmail & Resources) coming up and online this next week as I’m back to a normal schedule again!

Day 4! We made it! Had a lot of fun, and still more folks sent me a note in disbelief about how one could just give away free hosting like that, well its my honor to do so! I am truly happy to be able to bless customers with goodies – be it add-ons of additional resources, free hosting or a fun gadget like oh I don’t know a Kindle Paperwhite with a $25 Amazon Gift Card. I mean just a thought 🙂

So here’s how you can get your hands on one of Amazon’s latest Kindle lines and some spending money… but first a fair note – this is still a pre-order item, As it stands current ship date is not till October 22nd, so please know this is a prize that will also test your patience 🙂 BUT onto the how you get this…


As per the giveaways this month, this is for FlockHosters Only! How do you get a chance to win? Why share your favorite books of course! Wait no… that wasn’t it… Share your favorite recipes? Oh come now this must be clever! What would justify a giveaway that as you have sene from this week alone could get well… crazy 🙂

Ah I have it! If this was something you could only have to give away, who would you gift it to and why? For instance:

As much as I do want this handy dandy little Kindle, I do have my original and it still serves me well 🙂 but if I got it as a gift, I’d give it to my mom, she loves reading she has a kindle fire, but long-time reading (as she tends to do!) isn’t as battery efficient as this one is supposed to be + its backlit so no more pesky book lights to position and try to fidget with – it would simply work! She’d be a happy reader!

And since this is a giveaway a tad later in the afternoon – this one will be open thru Sunday and Close 1AM on Monday Morning – winner will be announced likely Monday Mid-Day after I’m back and situated – probably in Video Form. Entries are preferred in the comments here, but if you are unfamiliar with this system, email, videos, IM’s, carrier pigeons, smoke signals (must live within 10 miles of my house) 🙂 send em in! 

So there you have it, take a minute and think about it – as much as you may want this, or love this, but who would love it even more as a surprise gift! And based upon the last give away of hosting, who knows how crazy… or how on-par this will be 🙂 Join in the fun and you never know how big the blessing will be!


But wait… there’s more…

What’s the fun in a giveaway that a single person wins? Yesterday I did announce the migration of all accounts to the newest package sizes and offerings that new customers benefit from – what else could one add? Well you all will now be on the $5/$10 packages listed on Flockhosting so you get more goodies + additional storage and bandwidth, that sounds good right?

Well what if those standard packages got an upgrade? Oh yes, I’m doing it again – as of October 1, 2012 – The $5 and $10 package sizes go up! A new standard for all hosted accounts! No requests for upgrades, no special coupon codes – more.

  • $5 Package
    • 1GB -> 1.5GB (You’ll have 2GB!) Storage
    • 20GB -> 30GB (You’ll have 31GB!) Bandwidth
  • $10 Package
    • 2GB -> 2.5GB (You’ll have 3GB!) Storage
    • 20GB -> 30GB (You’ll have 31GB!) Bandwidth

So there you have it! Something more and as an active customer during this Customer Appreciation Month, those extras are specific to your accounts! Sets you apart from new accounts coming in, you’ll have that little bit more always attached to your account! But please be patient with Me on these upgrades, still a lot of work ahead of me to get things all together and in place! If you are in dire need of the additional resources open a ticket and I’ll assist on a case by case basis – but I hope by October’s end to have everyone all patched up and resourced up!

Some users I’ll note now will be needing to re-located to a new server to ensure resources are not stretched too thin, but I’ll be working on any migrations to ensure they are as painless as possible! So keep an eye here on the blog as things progress!

Happy Day 4!