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The FlockUpdate-ish.

Greetings FlockHosters!

This 2019 has been a crazy one so let’s go with the things going on which are good before we get to the singular big bad thing.

  • Nginx + Upgrades – We have some minor performance issues on the current build-out of the server stack, cPanel does a good job, but we’ve had a number of attacks which have brought servers to their knees. So more adjustments are going in, but Nginx is improving overall load times and load time scores so all servers should have these updates completed in the next few weeks.
  • Website Design – Coming soon still, this was pushed back a little, but I wanted to let folks know if you are looking for a design for your site, it’s coming soon, BUT you can email me directly if you are looking for a rough quote on the work you desire to be done.
  • Custom Projects – Now this is one that’s going to soon be an option on the site but many have asked how to get information on a custom quote/project pricing, and the easiest way I’ve done this lately is the contact form, just leave some details and we can work out the plan – Already have helped a local Christian Station online with not only hosting, but now serving their online station radio! So I can meet most needs!

So that’s good! Sadly there is some bad, and I’m going to keep it brief and get straight to the point. 2 weeks ago after months in discomfort with back pain and really just feeling poorly I’ve been diagnosed with Esophagus Cancer – Stage 3. To better let me explain vs. many paragraphs here’s a 30-minute update from Me on Me.

What can I do?! I mention in the post the key thing I desire? Prayer. I don’t mind if you feel led to do more, giving you can do through the crowdfund site every little bit helps, I appreciate emails & letters all of that can be found on the communicate page – also the scheduling forgot to mention that some windows are closed off for treatments – but please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, shoot a text, follow my private accounts on social+blog (IG, FB, TW, Blog)

Those of you have already given thank you so much for being amazing! Those of you who are saying “I want to, but ______” stop right there, bow your head and I say thank you! Giving something is not required at all, my mantra in all of this!

I’ll be checking in on social media now and again and hopefully in 6 weeks we’ll here is all gone, and that God, not me is victorious God is good and I hope you all had an amazing Easter and have an amazing week!

Support Rocks!

At the end of the year and the start of the year, I got a few donations in for FlockHosting’s Church Hosting! It’s an awesome blessing and really does help me out tremendously!

I’ve also gotten some notes from people wanting to donate quarterly and monthly – everything helps! I’m not asking for anyone to go hungry, but even if you just gave up a cup of coffee a week (I’m talking Starbucks PSL’s) and donate that for a month, you would be helping out churches galore!

But how does it help? Well just got an email yesterday from a church hoster who had this to say:

I want to say, once again, thank you for your ministry! We recently had a young couple come and join us at LUMC in large part because of our Website! That’s such a huge blessing! Jim N.

Awesome blessing to know that these website tools are helping to build a presence online that can help folks find the good news in their local area, visiting a nearby town, and more! Donations like those that have come in of even $5 one time help me to cover costs of many services including Weebly! It has some advanced features I can’t just foot the bill for – so this helps me help churches who need advanced features!

So thank you guys so much who’ve donated and agreed to donate – I wish I was a non-profit and could give you a perk back, but I know God won’t let your donations come back void! God Loves a Cheerful Giver! Thanks for cheerfully supporting FlockHosting’s free Church Hosting!

It’s a Joy!

It's Ready!How do I explain how amazingly awesome this image is?

For some of the folks using Church Hosting I know it’s simply a free service – nothing to it, use it, get online – piece of cake, the man behind the curtain isn’t a thought – but I wanted to share my heart a bit on what Church Hosting growth means to Me.

I know I go on and on about it’s importance of saving churches money and helping spread the gospel online, but this is a HUGE blessing to me to be able to serve churches! I reached out to church host’ers and go some fun feedback, everything from big thanks, the “ok” to post their website on FlockHosting’s upcoming update to Church Hosting pages, to even HUGE requests for possibly helping manage entire groups of Churches and one even let me know that they are putting out the word to “about 700 churches” – only 700… No big deal (starts praying now!)

free-churchGod is Good people! I know for some this makes NO sense, why I’d give away a service, why I’d support it end to end with help managing WordPress and tutorials on how to get things updated and managed smoothly, I’ve even helped here and there with design and doing updates/upgrades and more – Why? It’s what FlockHosting has been doing since day one. Helping people is what I love doing,  I even do it for paying customers too at no charge! It’s a blessing to serve!

So things with the new server “Fellowship” are ready to go! What all does that entail?

  • DNS Cluster all sync’d up and ready to add new domains!
  • Added to the Billing System for Easy Setups for Customers & Ease of Getting Support!
  • Softaculous Auto-Installer Licensed and Installed
  • SSL Certificate setup for cPanel, FTP, IMAP, POP3 and Webmail
  • New Anti-Spam Solution with good results!
  • Latest WordPress ready to be installed for Churches!
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Nightly Backups Configured

And that’s just the basics! More to come! I’m excited as folks are getting in touch with me about “Can you do this?” or “Will Software X work?” and where the answer is “not right now” that’s just it, right now is but a moment! Growth for the future is on the horizon and “not right now” will transform into “right now”!

A BIG request coming in lately is “Do you do JUST email?” – I want to say yes, but as it stands – I’m not ready just yet, but soon! Already begun looking at BIG mail appliances to handle Email Filtering (both incoming & outgoing) so I can help keep things running without a server on a blacklist constantly – and ensure folks are using the email service for GOOD not EVIL! So stay tuned!

So keep FlockHosting in your prayers, some fun is un-rolling here, and Church Hosting will have a fundraiser here soon which will help fund the next few big jumps in church hosting! With 700+ churches getting the word from a trusted source… I may need to learn to drink coffee! 🙂

Have a BLESSED weekend all! And thanks for spreading the word!


Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 3)

So here we are at Day 3 – And what do I have in store? Oh some handy dandy upgrades – no matter the plan you are on, be it legacy, be it an APPRECIATE plan, or even one of the newest $5/$10 packages – everyone today is getting some upgrades!

  • 500MB Additional Storage
  • 1000MB Additional Bandwidth

But too if your on a legacy plan, sorry – you aren’t anymore on the server! All customers will be upgrading to one of the two standard plans based upon your current package setup! This won’t be a quick set of upgrades – since some folks are on LEGACY packages like the old Crazy October packages 🙂

Your billing – Remains the same! No changes, in the billing system you’ll have no changes, if your paying $5 now, you will be paying $5 still! Just the resources allotted to you will be updated to the modern plans and features, and this way you can grow with these packages as upgrades come around! (hint hint!)

So there you have it, your all getting upgraded! So keep an eye on your packages, while I’d like to inform everyone when they are upgraded, sadly you’ll simply just need to watch your account for the changes when you login to cPanel it will note a new set of quota limits and you’ll be good to go!

The Giveaway!

So yesterday for Day 2 I announced that there would be 3 Years of Hosting given away, and I know folks were skeptical, I mean 3 years of hosting there has to be a catch right? Nope – this is the real deal, were to be Cheerful Givers in this life – says in that linked scripture that God Loves it!  I don’t think that limits to the offering plate passed around on Sunday 🙂 Free Church Hosting, Great Giveaways like this, LOVE doing it!

I have read over the posts and must say some good stuff, and it was such a hard choice to make. So I didn’t make one…… I made 5 – as a thank you to all who participated and shared a story, a reason, or even just thanks for an opertunity for something they didn’t feel they deserved, or even my dear friend continuing her winning streak 🙂

Congrats to the following commenters:

  • Joseph
  • Victoria
  • Katie
  • Brenten
  • Lakeisha
  • Chuck (Just Kidding)

Joseph, I’ll be contacting you by the end of next week on organizing getting your brother online and operational – going to throw in a little bit of consulting too if you need it via Skype/Live Chat to help organize and get the site up and running if you need it – Victoria, Katie, Brenten and Lakeisha – You four will have $162 in credits applied to your accounts ($54 x 3 years) by the end of next week, and it will simply allow any and all services (including domains, yes I’m feeling wild!) to utilize those funds – as you each have various # of accounts/domains – this will allow you to have some savings across the board! If your a PayPal Subscriber contact me middle of next week, if you have a credit card on file, it’ll simply ignore your card and take credits till they are gone!

Now if you too have won and your now saying “Oh I want to be a cheerful giver too!” by next week I’ll be providing each of you with a $10 COUPON unique to you – this doesn’t eat at your credits, but cheerfully and joyfully give someone a gift, each will have 3 uses for 3 people, have a friend? Want to share it on your website? Pass it on. Share some savings with friends and family and enjoy the winnings yourself!

The week is NOT over folks! More goodies to come! Stay tuned for more giveaways coming, this is only day 3, still 4, 5, 6 and 7 🙂


Blessings from the 10 Year Celebration!

Quite Simply… Wow!

God is Good!

The last 48 hours now have been an outpouring of AMAZING! I have loved hearing back from customers about their prizes, their excitement, and too some just having their socks blessed off! What I prayerfully setup, God used to be an amazing gift back to the customers of FlockHosting who participated and had fun, and too even those who weren’t 100% sure why they got a note giving them something – still happy to get something for nothing!

One in particular just let me know how timely things came along, others excited to get a gadget or toy that will bless not only them – but their entire family! And me, again I was just looking to have fun and celebrate the blessing of FlockHosting that God has truly blessed me with over the last 10 years! It has been great to see folks lifted up, excited, and blessed where I thought I was just providing a cool prize, the response has been amazing.

Too got these cool video testimonials from Joe and Victoria – Take a look at these great videos! Joe’s:


and Victoria’s:

It makes Me very happy and excited to see customers excited about FlockHosting, it’s been great to see folks coming up and just having fun with Me as I celebrate, and I hope in the months and weeks and 10 years to come, I can have more and more of you join in the fun and the family that is Flockhosting!

I will say it again and again, I am BLESSED to host all of you! I look forward to more fun, and growth over the years to come, in the mean time stay tuned, working on some fun stuff, and I hope to get to have even MORE fun in the later part of the year as Customer Appreciation Month comes around again! 🙂 So stay tuned and have a GREAT Week/end!