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Customer Appreciation Month: Week 3

Another week! Some excitement with things as some security items came up over the weekend, BUT all resolved, even deployed some new tech on Praise to help it stay up-to-date and fewer reboots, but that’s another post for another day 😉

First off this week’s MEGA Upgrade Winners are….

  1. Mike S.
  2. Mark B.

I’ll open a ticket with both of you this weekend to arrange a time, first week’s winners are moving in this weekend! Very excited to get Praise online with users!

This week’s customer highlight is Uta Milewski [website] – Uta has been around with FlockHosting for a good long while, but she’s used FlockHosting not only for herself but for her customers, church, friends, family, I think honestly a little bit of everything but she has been an amazing customer! When something has ever been wrong #1 I know she’s praying and #2 she’s spreading that information to her customers as well! Always a GREAT support to me!

Her work on websites is great, and she’s never been afraid to ask me a question about services be it FTP/cPanel/Email etc. she is not afraid to ask a question! She get’s the job done and makes some great looking websites! So hats off to Uta and for her week being the highlight there are not 1, but 2 give aways ON TOP of the weekly 2 MEGA upgrades. So here’s the break down of things this week:

  1. MEGA UPGRADE – To enter this week I wanted to make it clever/creative/fun – So it’s slogan week – If you were to give FlockHosting a slogan “Fastest Hosting in the MidWest” (okay probably a bad example, as I don’t know midwest speeds lol) but get creative, you can enter up to 5 slogans (so you have up to 5 chances to win) you can email, twitter, facebook, or comment them here, if you want to keep them private please use email (if you fear slogan theft!) 🙂 but spin a few ideas and send em my way!
  2. Give-Away #1 – This one is the “Freebie” it’ll be given to all customers – and since it has been the most requested option over the years – you get, dare I say it… More Storage. I have been working on increasing storage across the board, and so without any request you get an additional 250MB of storage to your accounts!
  3. Give-Away #2 – This one is free, but requires a request -For the first 25 people to request it, gets a set of 5 FlockHosting stickers to give away, PLUS each has a special discount code on them for new service! Great to spread to friends! (I realize its a tad “marketing”-ish, but stickers will be fun, if you’d like a set, there *might* be some other goodies sent too… hope you enjoy! To grab a set fill out this form, once 25 is hit, it will be held, but who knows, another batch may come to Twitter or FB here in a few weeks during Crazy October 😉 Stay tuned for a second chance!

To quote Steve Jobs “One last thing…” – a upgrade all around, namely software. FlockHosting has some exciting changes coming around, of which I am not going to unveil entirely, as some bits are still working out in security, so don’t want to say “EVERYONE GETS A _______ ADDED TO THEIR ACCOUNT!” then a week later find some big hole and shut it all down – but today everyone (and some may have already seen the icon) get access to a new system called Softaculous within cPanel – this is a auto-installer that will completely replace all others, some servers have just Fantastico, some others have Installatron (some have both), Softaculous has over 100+ scripts and applications which can help speed site deployment – be it WordPress, Durpal, Clipbucket, etc. etc. etc! Offered today to EVERY account free of charge, and just in case you’ve already used up all your databases, all current accounts also get 1 additional MySQL database added (ALL ACCOUNTS!) so enjoy it, try some apps, be sure to delete the ones you don’t use to keep your site safe!

So thanks for tuning in for another bit of Customer Appreciation Month!  I really do appreciate everyone and look forward to wrapping up next week! It may be the 1st of October, but it’ll lead into CRAZY OCTOBER! Stay tuned for more!

New Customer Portal, New Special

Earlier this evening the newsletter went out giving some details of the latest things happening here at FlockHosting, if you missed it, it’ll be posted after the break – but the two big things are the new Customer Portal & The upcoming Specials.

In 1 week (10/10/07) – new specials will be posted each day till the end of the month (excluding weekends) – the special is limited to the day, and each will be a one day deal, fear not current customers, each day will offer two specials of which you can take advantage of, one will be a optional upgrade for your current package, the other a new package for a new hosting project – so stick around, each day they will be posted here.

If you missed the newsletter click the link below and it will be displayed – stay tuned for more updates!

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