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Emergency Maintenace [Update]

Tonight I received notification from hardware monitoring that one of the drives on Faith is currently experiencing errors, and instead of waiting a few days and replacing it, steps are being taken to have it changed this evening to avoid extended outage if the drive does fail entirely.

This will mean an outage this evening, and I do apologize for the late notice  at 8PM PST (10CST) the server will be taken offline for ~30 minutes to swap out the drive, 30 minutes is of course the best case scenario the Datacenter could provide me with, so I ask for your prayers over this transition to the new drive that it goes smoothly and things come back up quickly Рand that the hands of the crew in the data center are blessed with a smooth replacement.

As soon as the server is back online and things are operating properly I will update this post as well as statuses on Facebook and Twitter – I am also working to label all customers in the newsletter database with which servers they occupy so that I can send out targeted email notes to folks on when things are going up/down or changing, so thanks for your patience and prayers! I’ll update with more in a few hours!

UPDATE: Looks like things have started to level out, monitoring things closely still – Watching things for next few hours closely as things finish up entirely, but so far so good! Thanks for the prayers!