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Time to spruce up for fall!

work-n-manIt’s time to do some server work – going to be doing some adjustments & upgrades

  • FlockHosting Customer Zone (https://secure.flockhosting.com) – Migration
  • FlockHosting Knowledge Base (http://kb.flockhosting.com) – Migration
  • Solomon Server – Storage Upgrades


The migrations are long overdue, needing to get some new hardware powering these services properly – As for the storage upgrade, I was blessed by the datacenter with some free additional resources! So going to be applying these to Solomon!



Today I will begin with the Knowledge Base, a pretty quick and easy transition, this will migrate the entire site over – no content will be added until the site has fully migrated, the server upgrades to Solomon should take about 15 minutes and should DOUBLE the storage on Solomon allowing for some more growth!

The Customer Zone will not migrate until Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning, after the nightly run of maintenance the Billing & Support systems will be placed into maintenance mode, this will allow the data to be migrated to the new server without change.


What do I do?

Not much you need to do, if you find yourself in need of support simply check the communicate page (http://www.flockhosting.com/communicate) for ways to get in touch, email is likely your best bet, I’ll be monitoring Live Chat, Google Talk and Facebook if you need any help or support during this outage.


Wait… What?

Unsure? Have a question? Send me a note! Ask away, if you’re not sure what any of this means or if it applies to you please let me know! Happy to help!

Server Update Rollout

My apologies for the lack of server schedules last Friday, my father went in for shoulder surgery, and I was asked to bring a message Sunday at the church he pastor’s so got a little sidetracked on message prep! But Dad is doing much better and life is all slowly calming down (now if only our heat wave would end, I’d be set!) ūüôā

On with the server news though, as noted not all servers are up for this new setup Рbut they have some fun coming during Customer Appreciate Month with all other servers Рso stay tuned for that coming up VERY soon! Each server will have an estimated 2 hour outage, now this may end up being considerably less! But adding some additional time just in case something comes up during upgrades.

  • Praise: August 24th – 11pm (Pacific)
  • Solomon: August 31 – 11pm¬†(Pacific)
  • Sputnik: September 1 – 11pm¬†(Pacific)

Now more goodies are coming over the Customer Appreciation Month, few new additions to services and some additional resources, building the final plan for the 4 weeks of fun! Hope to have a lot of goodies for everyone new and old to enjoy, and for all customers a little something¬†special, where I can wing it! So stay tuned! If you aren’t already join me on Facebook, Twitter, the Newsletter or the YouTube Channel which should be updated this week too!

Again thanks for your patience! Stay tuned for more goodies to follow!

Summer Continues!

So July was another busy one! There was a newsletter, but never have found time for a video! Recorded one which had glitches – so re-thinking my recording setup, to get a cleaner video/audio etc. – may use my cell phone this week to record a quick one for August but that’s a story for another day! But onto the June/July Re-Cap + Looking forward to August fun, and some final plans are being laid and put into motion for September’s Customer Appreciation Month! ¬†So take a minute and read thru if you can! Some things coming up here really soon!


Well I wish I could ay that the months of June and July’s various promotions and giveaways went over well, but in all honesty I think you were all busy too! But some folks did take advantage of the Summer Time Promo – saving 25% for the life of their account, and some new folks making use of the free Church Hosting! So here’s the breakdown:

Fitbit Challenge

The two lucky winners are:

  • Chris V.
  • Matt H.

I’ll be in touch by week’s end to confirm your addresses are correct in the billing system & get you color¬†preference¬†(Plum or Blue) – and should have those to you guys by month’s end!

T-Shirt Contest

My good friend (and long time customer) Katie sent in the only design which was a cute little sheep which I made into a shirt:

So while she does seem to win a lot – She gets the first prize – and her cute design was even liked by my mom on the Facebook Page – so at least two shirts are being made off the bat, but a limited edition print will be offered in a month or two via the blog, and I will be donating all 3 $50 donations to Love-Water in her name! Thanks for the design!

The Nexus 7 Giveaway

Sadly this one did not even have 1 valid entry ūüôĀ but stay tuned later in this post for how this will be making a comeback!

More Fun This Month… Read on!


August Promo Code

So savings for this month are here! While Customer Appreciation Month is just around the corner, what a better time than now to become a customer! Previous years provide free storage and various upgrades – so what better time to get started and get even more in a month! ūüėÄ The code is “SCHOOLISCOOL” it provides 15% off your account for the life of your account (similar to last months promotion! So a great time for some savings, and you’ll be in line for next month’s fun!

New Server Coming!

I am a firm believer in not overselling a server – in most cases while folks run off to “UNLIMITED!” hosting, they quickly find that they are on crowded servers and sometimes resources are not as freely available as they had hoped – Not something I do here! So since some servers have been filling up to my thresholds (45% capacity) it’s time to turn on a new server! So deploying this week a fresh server, it will be a new location too in San Jose, CA – will have some of the latest build outs from FlockHosting’s test server – and you can move in next week!

Some customers will be getting notifications of required move, sites that have grown large in their several years with FlockHosting will be migrated to the less crowded server, freeing up resources to other customers on the old server they were on, so keep an eye on your email, notes will be coming out over the next few weeks, but if you feel like you could benefit from the move, let me know!  Requested moves will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Customer Appreciation Month!

So I mentioned the Nexus 7 giveaway would be coming back and here it is! As a early lead-in to Customer Appreciation Month, I am continuing the contest, and removing the 2 sign-up minimum РCustomer Appreciation, like the 10 Year Celebration is one of my favorite times! I get to highlight customers, give out upgrades, going to add in prizes this year too! Not to mention another big surprise like had in the 10 Year Celebration!

But back to the Nexus 7 (sorry I am excited again for another fun filled Customer Appreciation Month!) its all about getting the word out, and being involved. Like other giveaways this requires a little leg work from you – but instead of a play by play of “CHUCK I POSTED THIS!” Document it. Simply open up Notepad (Windows)/gEdit (Linux)/TextEdit (Mac) – and if you post on twitter, save the link from the post, if you post to a forum, save the link and note it, same goes for Facebook, Twitter! Sign-ups if they give your name in comments or use your affiliate link = 10 entries – so getting folks to sign-up does wonders!

Lists have two check-in points, one August 31st – this will allow me to tally up and get a inital count and leader board setup – the second list you can create is due September 30th – just email it into me or open a ticket, your pick!


Lastly Server Maintenance

Wrapping up here as already at 800+ words and I know this is a lot of information so going to do my best to keep it short Рmaintenance windows are going to be approaching Рin an effort to upgrade services and functionality for customers, some upgrade windows similar to the emergency windows recently will be scheduled 2 weeks in advance РDowntime will vary and as posted it will give a rough ETA as to whats being done, may be upgrades to servers or software. So stay tuned!

So long… farewell…

THANK YOU for taking the time to read thru this, I appreciate customers involvement and I hope you can take part in the promo code or have fun with the Nexus 7 giveaway, I am VERY excited about the upcoming Customer Appreciation Month! You may be featured as a weekly customer appreciated, so be sure to stay tuned! If your not already be sure to check out the Facebook Page, Twitter Page or Sign-up for the newsletter! If you have another way you’d like contact, check the communicate page and catch me online and let me know how I can better communicate with you the changes here @ Flockhosting!

Have a GREAT August! Keep an eye peeled too for a short video later this week!

Some Network Maintenance

Just got the following from the datacenter for the servers Faith & Shepherd:

 Network Maintenance (Tuesday, July 19, 2011 between 11:59PM and 01:59AM CDT(04:59 Р06:59 GMT))

Summary of Maintenance:

The purpose of this maintenance is to upgrade core networking capacity. Best practice and procedures will be employed throughout the maintenance.

Customer Impact:

There should be no noticeable customer impact during this maintenance window. However, we wanted everyone to be aware of the activity. There will be a number of network engineers on-site to ensure the process goes smoothly.

If you have any questions or concerns please open a ticket for further assistance! These happen now and again and rarely effect the servers directly, at worst may be some network outage, but your data and the server won’t be effected.

New Year – New News!

So starting off this update with a quick note — tonight Shepherd will be undergoing some maintenance, the data center is going to be re-locating data to some new hardware, total downtime at worst should be maybe 30 minutes, but working on it in early morning hours to try and avoid disruption to businesses and normal flow of visitors best we can! Keep an eye on Twitter/Facebook/Customer Zone for any changes/modifications to the plan, but as soon as data is swapped should be fairly quick.

// End Quick Note

Big Happy New Year! To all of you! Was a rocky December and January but things are smoothing out, it’s set the website and new support area time-tables back a bit but nothing I can’t get caught up with sooner than later I hope but my priority at the moment is getting everything¬†stabilized¬†not new sales! So I do hope to get back on track soon but you guys come first!

Plans for this new year are still a re-design of the site as you can see some new digs here at the blog, might be a preview of things to come ūüôā but other things this year include but not limited to:

  • Advanced HTML Editor
  • Improved Support Area and Support Options
  • Deals on Software for managing your website
  • Projecting 2 new servers this year!
  • New Products for Churches
  • …. and much more!

That’s really just a teaser, some I am trying to move forward with and get online soon, but stability has been my biggest concern and my foremost commitment to customers, I want customers to be excited and confident in what FlockHosting can do, granted there’s been a good track record over the years, but a few bad spots here and there as of late may not put a bad taste in your mouth (and thank you for your patience with all of it) but for me I want to strive to do better, and provide all of you with the best service I can provide!

So keep me in your prayers, doing to be some long months, busy nights, and lots of top ramen ūüôā but 2011 is going to be a great year! Already planning Customer Appreciate Month! Also some deals in the pipeline coming which may be a plus to share with a friend or two! So stay tuned, prayers are appreciated! And more very soon!