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FlockUpdate for March 2017

Show Notes for March 2017

  • Uptime Issues – Access the status page for outages.
  • Rolling Reboots – Throughout this week (3/6 -> 3/10) at 10PM->2AM
  • PayPal Issues – Have you paid? Getting a late notice? For the time being please let me know if you’ve paid and provide the transaction ID so I can get you marked as paid!
  • Migrations! New Server Configurations – Starting this Friday with Fellowship and Grace, followed next week with Lilly and Church.
  • Passwords are out of date. Long long long long LONG ago I deployed a configuration adjustment to keep things running smoothly as we upgraded MySQL, however! This has produced the problem that MySQL when migrating to thi…… A more complete set of tips will be written in a separate post (that way you can get back to the FlockUpdate!) 🙂
  • Donations can be made if you so desire via this website .
  • Social Networking is getting going this week, if you haven’t already add us on one of these great options each may have a surprise or two:
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  • Thanks for the Birthday Wishes! Looking to make 2017 an amazing year for MySelf and FlockHosting! If you feel wild, promo code: 37BDAY – Sign-up for something new for a year 🙂

FlockUpdate for March 2013!

Show Notes:

  1. Color Me Rad 5k (3rd Time Photos)
  2. Birthday Thank You! Thanks for all the birthday well wishes! 33 is off to a good start!
  3. Praise & Koinonia Outages – Migration of Customers, additional outage today which I’m assured was a “HICCUP” but plan is still on par for posting on Friday, but I may begin some customers moving as soon as Thursday Night — please watch for a Trouble Ticket Open for a 12-24 hour notice of quick migration.
  4. Farewell ASSP – While it has worked well for 1% of customers 99% continue to have issues, and it will be removed slowly but surely over the next few weeks – nothing is required of you, it will simply one day be gone and Spamassassin will return to cPanel – if you are one of the 1% who love it to pieces, please open a ticket or email me about keeping it, and I’ll work to accommodate you!
  5. Promoting! I need your help! If your game, please check back here on Thursday and I’ll have some PDF’s, JPG, PNG, etc. to post around the web/facebook/etc. If you have a crazy idea for a promotion/package, contact me! Happy to take advice in this case as I’m up for all the help I can get! Post it in the comments on the Video, Here, Facebook or Twitter! Or Communicate it to me!
  6. Prayer Requests Welcome! Simply Communicate Them!