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Church Hosting Update – Special Edition!

It is Sunday! You’d think that bots would have something better to do than to push an attack at 4:30AM bogging down a server till hanging up, and which is still running a little hot at the moment, but thankfully I’m seeing folks get to live stream URL’s and prayer boards – so PTL! God is indeed good to give the servers grace even in these surges of attacks and legitimate traffic.

But as it is Sunday and I have both Church & Family time ahead of me (and yes it’s going to be a bit sleepy!) I did want to address these continual issues we are seeing lately, sure a day or two working is great and I do say Praise God for uptime, but a more solid full-time solution vs. limping is needed so there is a plan. What’s that plan you may say? Well as I want to do this quick so I can go brush my teeth and get the family in the car to get there before song service starts, here’s the quick version:

  1. Fresh Network. Moving to another network, hopefully avoiding what appears to be, attacks common to this network for starters, but having Church Sites makes us a target too – so new network actually offers some DDoS filtering so should help!
  2. Fresh Hardware. Going to get some new hardware and spread out folks a bit to ensure a better growth plan, adding 2 new servers to make 4 total Church Hosting Servers.

So there is more to this for sure, but I wanted to just let folks know, I do take Church Hosting outages seriously. This is not some sub-standard service I’m just handing out for free and if it crashes it crashes, again I was up at 4:30AM to work on this and have continued to monitor this, but a 4yr must sing – and I have to trust that God can monitor the servers even while I’m at Church & Family time after.

Stay tuned this week for a plan to roll out as well as an early migration options to the 2 new servers which need names (Got any ideas?) thanks for your patience, kindness, and prayers!  Updates coming soon!

Slight Delays on Support

Over the next week (Saturday the 19th thru Sunday the 27th) I will be taking a little time to visit my family up in Washington State (Wenatchee/Monitor area) – I do expect that I will be slightly delayed in responses to support tickets and emails, for this I do apologize, but I rarely take a vacation so it was a good fit to go see some relatives I have not seen in over 10 years.

I have already equipped myself with Wireless Access via my Cell – as well as a Mobile Broadband connection for on-the-go access, PLUS the flight has Wifi access – so connected thru and thru – I have also let the crews in the various DC’s know I am going to be on break and they have agreed to keep a watchful eye on the servers and helping should anything like today’s hiccups occur again.

I would like to thank all customers for being amazing – some clients know me more than just the “guy who hosts my website” and the well wishes on this break have been amazing, between all of you and my family both here in California and in Washington this should be a pretty worry free vacation! For that I say Praise the Lord!

If you have ANY issues, don’t let this stop you from opening a ticket, I stand behind my servers, my company, and if I need to take 10-15-30 minutes etc. to help with an issue, I will do what I can! I am here to serve!

Take Care & God Bless! Have a WONDERFUL Week!