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Friday Migrations – Church, Grace, Lilly @ 10PM (Pacific)


Good Afternoon! 

It is time for another round of migrations this Friday for Church, Grace, and Lilly. The move should be super straightforward – if you are using your DNS you’ll need to make some changes, this includes Cloudflare users too – so without further delay here are the new IP changes, RED are the old and GREEN are new:

church.flockhosting.com ->

lilly.flockhosting.com ->

grace.flockhosting.com ->

Starting at 10 PM Pacific time the server data will begin moving over, rebuilding on the new hardware – in most cases with domains using FlockHosting DNS the change should be super quick – cutting over once the moves are done within 10 minutes. Now if you are using your own DNS provider and want a similar situation then adjust the TTL column to say 500 – this varies with each DNS provider but the TTL column in most is accessible and will greatly increase the speed at which the site cuts to the new IP on Friday.

Now to clarify it’s OK to adjust the TTL now. This won’t hurt anything, but don’t change the IP till Friday at which point anytime after 10 PM will be fine.

Now as always if you have questions, concerns, or just need help on this move please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, open a ticket or schedule a call with me.

Faith Begins

I decided to start moving some of the larger accounts (1-2GB accounts) to speed things along so I can try to make it out to Church in the morning, but things are rolling, and things are looking good.

A big thanks to all of you for your prayers and patience in all of this! The moves are going pretty smoothly – there was a minor glitch in the Horde email system, but I will be checking and repairing this on Faith right away, but do check back here for more updates on Faith’s move, any delays/issues will be posted here, but if you find something out of place do open a ticket, but bear in mind similar things like SSL for cPanel will be last in coming in, and the same suggestions apply as Shepherd for making sure your connecting to the proper servers.

Stay tuned for more updates!