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Outage: Praise & Koinonia

Two servers in the same datacenter are being effected by a network outage, the datacenter currently does not have an ETA as they are still investigating the outage – I’ll be updating this Post and Facebook as I know more! Sorry for the outage, hopefully it will quickly repaired.

Update: All services have been restored, network is once again functionally normally.

Some Network Maintenance

Just got the following from the datacenter for the servers Faith & Shepherd:

 Network Maintenance (Tuesday, July 19, 2011 between 11:59PM and 01:59AM CDT(04:59 Р06:59 GMT))

Summary of Maintenance:

The purpose of this maintenance is to upgrade core networking capacity. Best practice and procedures will be employed throughout the maintenance.

Customer Impact:

There should be no noticeable customer impact during this maintenance window. However, we wanted everyone to be aware of the activity. There will be a number of network engineers on-site to ensure the process goes smoothly.

If you have any questions or concerns please open a ticket for further assistance! These happen now and again and rarely effect the servers directly, at worst may be some network outage, but your data and the server won’t be effected.

Mixed Outage

One of the upstream providers our DC uses (NTT) had a outage this morning, and has caused several outages – I have beent old the DC is cutting from NTT->Sprint, this is filtering down and should be to most networks soon.

I apologize for the continued outages due to attack/network issues – I am hoping things are going to be fixed up here soon – I will update with more as soon as I get it.

Network Issues Upstream

We have had reports of outages off and on, and some packet loss is being tracked across a few servers, we have a ticket open with the upstream and are watching the situation, hope to have more information on the issue soon. Your prayers and patience are greatly appreciated.

Update: Just finished up the ticket with the upstream, there were some backbone issues, most folks should see a new route to get around the issues at hand, I will continue to monitor things closely thru the weekend to be sure. Thanks for your patience and prayers!

Network Trouble (11/07)

Several clients have noticed a level of packet loss connecting to various servers, we are aware of the issue, and have a ticket open with upstream to investigate the issue. I ask for your patience in this matter, I hope to have a resolution soon, in my testing some areas are not affected, and some are even more worse off.

As soon as more information is received on things, I’ll update this post with more information.

[Update: 12:33PM] – Ticket was updated with the upstream, they said they were receiving some attacks on the network we live on, they have put in some measures into place to help reduce their effect on network traffic. You should be seeing better performance very shortly, if you have continued issues, please feel free to contact_me or open a ticket and I’ll assist further.