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FlockUpdate: January 2016

Show Notes:

  • Weebly Live! Interested you can get rolling via cPanel! Ordering coming soon for new sites!
  • New Packages, New Pricing, and an NEW SITE! Amazon Prime type membership for discounts long-term.
  • Managed WordPress – It’s FREE! No cost and helps keep you safe! Got a question? Communicate!
  • Year End Audit wrapping up!
  • What would you like to see added to the FlockUpdate? Toss in a comment, tweet, facebook message – you name it!
  • Server Upgrades, Software Updates, Reboots! 2016 with a clean & lean set of servers!
  • Thanks for the donations! Some said they didn’t know the spot to donate you can always donate online at https://crowd.flockhosting.com
  • More stuff coming in 2016! Praying it is blessed through the entire year!
  • Got a question? Tag a question in social media with #askfh – I’ll answer them in the next video or a special video – you can always comment or email them in too!

FlockUpdate 2014 – Episode #1

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Show Notes

  • New Show Format – Bi-Monthly!
  • General Housekeeping
    • cPanel/Mail Servers all updated!
    • Network/data outages – all patched up!
  • WordPress.org – Self Hosted [link] – Easy Installer Ready!
  • Appearance and Themes:
  • Stripe.com 
    • Wp-Stripe – Easy add-in for WordPress to accept payments/donations.
    • WooCommerce – Stripe Compatible e-Commerce with WordPress
  • Setting up WordPress — Guide in the Knowledge Base
  • Auto-Installer App Walkthrough on the FlockUpdate every episode!
  • What would you like to hear? Comment here or Communicate with me!

Welcome to 2012! (Sorry, still no jetpacks!)

So we’ve made it across into a new year! And God is Good! Sure some hiccups already, but such is how things go, fresh year, fresh hiccups! But working to change that up some!


Addressing Support & Uptime

Outages happen – I can say that till I’m blue in the face and most customers are understanding, but some are not – wait, not being negative – but stressing a fact, some folks use FlockHosting for their businesses, so uptime is key! Even 15 minutes of outage, could mean a lost sale, and I completely understand that.

So the plan? A few things:

  • Better DNS Setup – What this means is the system that directs your visitors/customers to your website is hosted currently across 4 servers, I am stepping that up to 13 servers across the US/UK (more coming soon) but this means if my 4 servers of DNS goes down, other step in, or if my 4 are under an attack, the others jump in – should provide more uptime to folks.
  • Outage Monitoring – Now I have access to a remote monitoring system called Pingdom, it monitors all the servers I manage for customers, but I have put together the core of the FlockHosting/Thrust Networks family of servers to a public testing page [Visit it Now] – I encourage you to bookmark this, I am too going to be updating the Network Status [Visit it Now] with updates and real-time status of server monitoring – this is coming soon but bookmark the page for future reference.
  • SupportThis commitment hasn’t changed, and I plan to only continue to make it better and better, if you need help, Live Chat on Flockhosting.com (if you don’t see it try turning off AdBlock on FlockHosting.com), IM Support via Google Talk, Trouble Ticket or Community Forums – all of which I continue to monitor and work thru, just stop on by even if its to ask “How do I do this?” with something on your website, I am here to help!

But more and more is coming, and I want to ensure customers I don’t take outages lightly either – when outages occur I work with datacenters where I have servers to ensure things get taken care of not just “We rebooted it Mr. Brown all better!” I get detailed in some cases explanations of BGP & OSPF sessions – while those two terms may mean much to some of you, thats why you have me! I’m here to make sure these sorts of issues get sorted and things are back on the up and up! Not swept under the carpet.


First Round of Upgrades!

Good Stewards!I am working on a big audit right now and as one guy that can take some time across a number of servers and accounts, BUT I have begun looking at customer sites & billing to start issuing Good Steward Upgrades! (Learn More Here!) – but hoping to get in there and find some sites who have been doing great and give them a little more room to breathe! This time around focusing on some additional storage primarily, but too if folks are in need of some other resources by my exam, never fear you’ll get a little something extra!

So if you find you have some outdated scripts and need help, just open a ticket, IM, email, or live chat and let’s work to make sure your using your site and resources and keeping things safe!


More to come….

It’s a brand new year, and things are still brewing, even building up some plans for the yearly Customer Appreciation! As always my door is always open, toss me an email, add a comment, FlockHosting has been called a “small company” before but while I may not be a mega company or have 3000 staffers on hand, I am committed to helping customers not matter the size, even if your a Church Hosting customer for free, here to help from the moving in, getting online, to growing when your needs go to that “Next Level!” just ask!

Happy New Year All!

New Year – New News!

So starting off this update with a quick note — tonight Shepherd will be undergoing some maintenance, the data center is going to be re-locating data to some new hardware, total downtime at worst should be maybe 30 minutes, but working on it in early morning hours to try and avoid disruption to businesses and normal flow of visitors best we can! Keep an eye on Twitter/Facebook/Customer Zone for any changes/modifications to the plan, but as soon as data is swapped should be fairly quick.

// End Quick Note

Big Happy New Year! To all of you! Was a rocky December and January but things are smoothing out, it’s set the website and new support area time-tables back a bit but nothing I can’t get caught up with sooner than later I hope but my priority at the moment is getting everything stabilized not new sales! So I do hope to get back on track soon but you guys come first!

Plans for this new year are still a re-design of the site as you can see some new digs here at the blog, might be a preview of things to come 🙂 but other things this year include but not limited to:

  • Advanced HTML Editor
  • Improved Support Area and Support Options
  • Deals on Software for managing your website
  • Projecting 2 new servers this year!
  • New Products for Churches
  • …. and much more!

That’s really just a teaser, some I am trying to move forward with and get online soon, but stability has been my biggest concern and my foremost commitment to customers, I want customers to be excited and confident in what FlockHosting can do, granted there’s been a good track record over the years, but a few bad spots here and there as of late may not put a bad taste in your mouth (and thank you for your patience with all of it) but for me I want to strive to do better, and provide all of you with the best service I can provide!

So keep me in your prayers, doing to be some long months, busy nights, and lots of top ramen 🙂 but 2011 is going to be a great year! Already planning Customer Appreciate Month! Also some deals in the pipeline coming which may be a plus to share with a friend or two! So stay tuned, prayers are appreciated! And more very soon!