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Customer Appreciation Month: Week 4

It’s hard to say goodbye… it was a fun month! Some great upgrades handed out, but this is the last week for announcements then on Monday I’ll announce a deal for all of October to mark the return of Crazy October – may be other surprises to come… you’ll have to wait and see – this week’s winners were actually randomly picked from last weeks since no entries came about on the slogans – but I’m a sucker for giveaways!

  1. Chris V.
  2. Andrew T.

And now onto the customer spotlight — Today is a guy who’s been involved with FlockHosting a bit – Josh Renaud [website] [blog] – Josh started hosting with FlockHosting ages ago, he has brought over some of his design customers, he’s even designed FlockHosting’s website [archived footage], and is the man responsible for the current logo! He has always been patient, supportive, and up for hearing my crazy ideas on how to fix things! 🙂

I can safely say he is one like the others who have been highlighted that I know in the midst of issues/problems/etc. he is praying for FlockHosting – and he’s a good man to have on board! So for this final week a few things sponsored in part by Josh – first and foremost, goodies – All accounts will be upgraded, no longer any small/medium/large/etc. – you won’t have a crazy october special – for all CURRENT customers those packages are gone, only customers remaining as-is are those moved to Praise, or those already over the limits of this package, in which case, you’ll get various items upgraded at no additional cost as well (ie. email/bandwidth) – this package is at no additional cost, if you need to upgrade, we’ll discuss a pricing process as-needed, but your bill stays the same, you just get more goodies 😉

So what do you get? A package I call APPRECIATE, it looks a little like this:

  • 1GB of Storage
  • 15GB Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 15 MySQL Databases
  • 10 Parked + 5 Add-on

Why? Because I can’t hug each of you individually – and my desire for “FlockCON” is still at least 2 years from being a reality 😉 I appreciate everyone’s continued business, support, and fellowship – I love getting to help on sites, and host some sites which continually bless others – some may say this is a bad idea from a money standpoint, but it’s the best I can do to show I appreciate all of you! Thank You EACH, for continuing to trust your website, your businesses to FlockHosting!

So thats all right? That’s the end? Sorry, goodies continue — Brenten, Katie, Uta and Josh – all of our customer highlighted folk – all get upgraded to the MEGA upgrade – can’t say thank you enough to these four folks who have truly blessed Me over the years, so my thanks to them, MEGA – should be able to move everyone tonight!

Oh and I am feeling a bit crazy still – So I decided toss all the customer names into a randomizer, randomized them 5 times, then picked two sets of random numbers giving the names “Sarah A.” and “Joseph C.” who each get 1 year of their current hosting services + 1 domain renewed completely… absolutely, 100% free of charge – Credits will be applied to your account by Monday Night.

So that’s it – I hope you have enjoyed this month of being appreciated! Welcome to October, some great specials coming up but sure to pass the word on to a friend or two, and this will become a yearly event – more fun happening around too, new website digs underway, new functionality coming to all accounts (hint: website editor? stay tuned!) – I want to continue to grow FlockHosting and get the best for all customers!

Be sure to stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter, more random goodies coming, even a few “Quick Contests” where you could win extra goodies, or coupons for friends to get free hosting! Lots to come, thanks again for being great customers!