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Massive DDoS Attack

As many have noted over the last few hours things have been slow to offline, I apologize for the outage, our upstream was having a massive DDoS attack on going, they have re-routed a lot of traffic, and things are starting to smooth out slowly but surely.

I do apologize for the outage – things should continue to level out over the next few hours as traffic returns to normal! Your prayers and IM’s were appreciated during this time.

Fantastico Patch On-Going

Currently across the entire fleet of servers here at TN/FH the fix for Fantastico is being rolled out – this week may also mark the release of another tool similar to that of Fantastico to be added to all servers fleet wide as well! So stay tuned to the blog for more info as things develop here! The entire roll-out of the fix should be completed by 3PM (Pacific Time). Once it is completed, I’ll post an update to post.

Also the email roll out of the new service is slowly starting – if you would like your current email switched/converted – please open a ticket for further details!

[**Update**] Fantastico updates continue, most servers are back online, Faith and Shepherd both should be functionally normally – if your having issue please open a ticket, Solomon, Business and a few others remain stay tuned!

New Mail Online!

After a few snags on the initial deployment – the new mail services have gone live today! In a week (not this Monday but the following Monday) every current customer is welcome to switch to the new email system free of charge! More information will follow up here, some instructions, and some various tweaks to DNS are going into place as well, so if your interested in making the move to the new mail that is SEPARATE storage from what you have now, open a ticket and be sure to let me know!

Packages will all get a little make-over after current customers are moved over happily, and the new service will be part of all packages here at FH! Very exciting stuff, more to come!