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Church Hosting Update – Special Edition!

It is Sunday! You’d think that bots would have something better to do than to push an attack at 4:30AM bogging down a server till hanging up, and which is still running a little hot at the moment, but thankfully I’m seeing folks get to live stream URL’s and prayer boards – so PTL! God is indeed good to give the servers grace even in these surges of attacks and legitimate traffic.

But as it is Sunday and I have both Church & Family time ahead of me (and yes it’s going to be a bit sleepy!) I did want to address these continual issues we are seeing lately, sure a day or two working is great and I do say Praise God for uptime, but a more solid full-time solution vs. limping is needed so there is a plan. What’s that plan you may say? Well as I want to do this quick so I can go brush my teeth and get the family in the car to get there before song service starts, here’s the quick version:

  1. Fresh Network. Moving to another network, hopefully avoiding what appears to be, attacks common to this network for starters, but having Church Sites makes us a target too – so new network actually offers some DDoS filtering so should help!
  2. Fresh Hardware. Going to get some new hardware and spread out folks a bit to ensure a better growth plan, adding 2 new servers to make 4 total Church Hosting Servers.

So there is more to this for sure, but I wanted to just let folks know, I do take Church Hosting outages seriously. This is not some sub-standard service I’m just handing out for free and if it crashes it crashes, again I was up at 4:30AM to work on this and have continued to monitor this, but a 4yr must sing – and I have to trust that God can monitor the servers even while I’m at Church & Family time after.

Stay tuned this week for a plan to roll out as well as an early migration options to the 2 new servers which need names (Got any ideas?) thanks for your patience, kindness, and prayers!  Updates coming soon!

New Year – New News!

So starting off this update with a quick note — tonight Shepherd will be undergoing some maintenance, the data center is going to be re-locating data to some new hardware, total downtime at worst should be maybe 30 minutes, but working on it in early morning hours to try and avoid disruption to businesses and normal flow of visitors best we can! Keep an eye on Twitter/Facebook/Customer Zone for any changes/modifications to the plan, but as soon as data is swapped should be fairly quick.

// End Quick Note

Big Happy New Year! To all of you! Was a rocky December and January but things are smoothing out, it’s set the website and new support area time-tables back a bit but nothing I can’t get caught up with sooner than later I hope but my priority at the moment is getting everything stabilized not new sales! So I do hope to get back on track soon but you guys come first!

Plans for this new year are still a re-design of the site as you can see some new digs here at the blog, might be a preview of things to come 🙂 but other things this year include but not limited to:

  • Advanced HTML Editor
  • Improved Support Area and Support Options
  • Deals on Software for managing your website
  • Projecting 2 new servers this year!
  • New Products for Churches
  • …. and much more!

That’s really just a teaser, some I am trying to move forward with and get online soon, but stability has been my biggest concern and my foremost commitment to customers, I want customers to be excited and confident in what FlockHosting can do, granted there’s been a good track record over the years, but a few bad spots here and there as of late may not put a bad taste in your mouth (and thank you for your patience with all of it) but for me I want to strive to do better, and provide all of you with the best service I can provide!

So keep me in your prayers, doing to be some long months, busy nights, and lots of top ramen 🙂 but 2011 is going to be a great year! Already planning Customer Appreciate Month! Also some deals in the pipeline coming which may be a plus to share with a friend or two! So stay tuned, prayers are appreciated! And more very soon!