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Let’s Build a Website: Planning

Welcome to the first part of a series of posts on building a website – Now these are not a complete and comprehensive resource, there is always custom coding, advanced elements you could do, but this is more of a guide in getting starting and publishing a simple website that will get you online and give you some basic learning in the process. So let’s dive in!


If you want your site building no matter how you are building it – you need to plan it out. The idea of just buying a domain and suddenly you are “Online” is one which as I’ve seen time and time again bring a site to be done about 25% of the way then you are unsure where to go, and you simply walk away, to “Work on it another day” and we all know how that goes 50% of the time.

I’ve done it so many times with my project websites, I have a rough plan for 45% of the site, and the rest will “get done” as I go along, but so far there is a project or three that I need to finish, and I’ve settled to working on continual Google Docs to work on it on the go, while I’m trying to get a baby to sleep, or when I’m in a resting spot with a project.

So how to do it? Well I’m going to use one way that’s free, but again feel free to adapt as you see fit.

Using Google Drive

I love Google Drive, if you have a Android or iOS Smartphone you can get the Drive application from Google and in your Gmail account you can create a folder of all your content. So if you are unsure, login to http://drive.google.com and you’ll do the following steps:

My_Drive_-_Google_DriveMy_Drive_-_Google_Drive 2


1. Create a new folder and give it a simple name, I used “My Website” but if can be anything to identify what your website information.


2. Now you have your new folder, its blank and ready to create some written information.



3. Create a document, rename it based upon the page you want to create: for instance, I made homepage.


4. Build your Pages! A separate doc for each page you want to create!

Homepage_-_Google_Docs 2Homepage_-_Google_Docs 3

5. Have others help with editing, just share to an email, and give them permission to edit with you! You can both work on it in real-time if needed!

Now the great thing about Google Drive is you can drag in ANY file, so if you have more resources to add in like photos or a logo, just drag them into the folder you created and it will all be there when you are ready to go!

Explore in this what works for you, some folks use Folders to build out sub-pages like About Us folder = all sub pages in About Us like maybe Company Information, or Contact Us, build those pages out however you like, but don’t be afraid to try something different! This is again just a guideline not a “DO THIS OR YOUR SITE WILL FAIL!” — Everyone is different and there are plenty of options!


Part two in two weeks! Stay tuned!

Mission Trip Donations!

Now some of you may or may not know the true “SIZE” of FlockHosting, some folks login and write “To Whom it may concern” some however know the simplicity of it “Hey Chuck!” 🙂 since day one FlockHosting has been a one man shop, granted now days I have some hired help so to speak with some of my datacenter agreements, so I can branch out and have a bit of a personal life, and fixes can be deployed without me having to cancel on say my youthers and a trip to the movies (or a date) 🙂

To that end, FlockHosting isn’t just a business to me, it’s a personal investment of time and effort, and today I am asking for a favor – a friend from a local church is trying to raise funds to go to El Salvador for a week on a mission trip, she is trying to raise funds quickly as it’s in July – she needs just over $1000 and has already reached just past the halfway point but could use some help.

Now I know there are some of you that’d in a heart beat jump in and offer some funds without hesitation, and I appreciate that – however I want to do my part too and thank folks for helping out – so if you’d like to donate here’s what I’d like to offer in return:

  • You can choose to give and ask nothing in return. I do appreciate those who can give freely!
  • For any donations over $10 gets you up to 5 – 1GB Email accounts on the enhanced email service for 1 year
  • Any Donations over $50 gets you the above 1GB emails, however instead of 5 -> 10 and an additional 250MB of Storage for your website & 5GB of additional bandwidth for your website, for the life time of your account.

I wish I had the t-shirts I have been working on for the new website launch ready, but I’ll throw in a t-shirt or coffee mug to anyone who does donate the moment they are ready!

Again, this is completely optional, and I know money for most is tight, but every little bit helps, and I am happy to offer some perks for donations please don’t consider them a bribe to do it, I just like to bless those who bless others!

If you would like to donate, please either open a trouble ticket or email me chuck (at) flockhosting.com and let me know how much you’d like to donate, even $5 is awesome! I’d say I’d even take a buck, but sadly credit card or paypal fees would eat that entirely. So if you can donate I appreciate it, it’d help my friend out and help her get a week to share the love of the Lord in El Salvador for a week!