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Late Night Work

Was up late last night working with 3 datacenters to help get “shields up!” for all servers! There is an exploit in the wild right now that appears to be effecting servers “SSH” – it is a interface which lets some users manage files & interact with the server, it’s been linked to the exploit on-going so in the realm of better safe than sorry, all servers have had SSH firewalled off.

What does this mean to many users? FTP is once again your friend Рbut if your a server customer or a high end user who utilizes SSH it means for at least a short time (hoping only a few days Рbut possibly more) the service will be inaccessible.

One datacenter in an extreme step decided to block port 22 (the port SSH uses) entirely – so in some cases even if I wanted to give you access, I could not (if you are at that datacenter).

Now this is hopefully a temporary measures the entire Linux community is abuzz about this, developers, security experts, and just good old fashioned home grown nerds are diagnosing the problem and every ounce of user provided data on how this exploit has spread etc. and they are working to come up with a patch long-term vs. just blocking ports for the rest of our days so hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Server customers in need of SSH, alternative ports can be setup – and firewalled to your specific IP addresses if in dire need, but I’d ask in the mean time to please try to stick to FTP for managing files, and if you need something done on the server side I’m happy to issue a few commands from the console itself (datacenters are lending a hand in this too) so just let me know.

As this progresses I’ll post more news, hopefully and with your prayers too this will be resolved quickly and painlessly. More information will be posted as I have it!