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Customer Appreciation 2013: First Giveaway!

I really do appreciate each of my customers! Truly I can say without hesitation that I have some of the most amazing customers! In customer appreciation months past I’ve showcased customers and sites, this year it’s not about a single customer each week, it’s about giving back to each customer and truly saying “THANK YOU!” for your continued business with FlockHosting!

So a little something for FlockHosting customers today – two giveaway options, you can pick one of the two but you must be a customer of FlockHosting:


Starbucks Coffee! There are 10 7 $5 gift cards up for grabs – and it’s easy to get ahold of – just need to Tweet or Facebook Post the following:

My Webhost Appreciates Me! Gave me a cuppa joe! #flockhosting

It’s that easy, and tag FlockHosting’s Facebook Page or Twitter account and you’re off and running! Couldn’t be simpler! On Monday I’ll start rolling out as many cards that have been claimed!

Lastly the 2nd option – $5 Credit on your account! This one is much easier, simply reply to this on Facebook/Twitter or Comment here on the blog with the following:

My Webhost Appreciates Me! I just saved $5 on my next bill! #flockhosting

It’s that easy! First 10 on each (remember one or the other, can’t do both!) – No time limits, just when they are gone, they are gone! So don’t delay and thanks again for being a FlockHosting Customer!

Welcome to July! (or 2012, Part 2)

So a BUSY June! A lot going on behind the scenes with not only FlockHosting but too personal life! Birthdays, graduations, mini-vacations, kittens attacking toes, and a lot of colorful fun at Color Me Rad 5k Bakersfield (going again in Fresno!) – yes it had it all! But here we are on the other side into July and so far so good!

June’s fun will continue thru July, the Fitbit giveaway, T-Shirt Design Contest, and Promo code “SUMMERTIME” will still give you a savings so that’s all well and good, but what about July? What does July get? Well glad you asked. 🙂

As things head into the second half of the year and we push forward, I want to really keep the flow of giveaways going, and I know I could say “Free Year of Hosting” and for some, that’d be just peachy – but how can I kick it up a notch to really keep the momentum going for Customer Appreciation Month (Already being planned!), there have been kindles, iPod’s, etc. tons of give aways, but what next?

Nexus 7.

Google recently announced this badboy, and end of this month, 1 lucky customer (must have at least 1 active hosting account or domain) will have a chance to win this beautiful 7 inch tablet. Sure it’s no iPad, but it has some serious power behind it and access to Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, and more – plus the Google Chrome browser on mobile – super fast!

So how do you get your hands on this? How do you win this? Come on already Chuck SPILL IT! (LOL) Well its all about actual sign-ups – to have a chance to win, you must have at least 2 people sign-up for services and give your name in the comments section (Affiliate links work too – so if you don’t win, at least you get some $$$) – but for every 2 people, you get an entry! End of the month to be fair most entries win.

How do you get folks to sign-up? Not always a easy sell to folks right? Well Church Hosting counts too – its a 100% free service for churches! So if your church needs a site there’s an option — but please only if you have a need for the site, if your signing up to simply get an entry, please prayerfully consider that option as Church Hosting is a labor of love and space/resources are precious! If you plan to truly use it, then welcome aboard!

Other ideas, if you have a favorite website/blog thats having uptime issues, point them to FlockHosting! Just spread the word! Working on some promo materials and making packs to send out to folks who want em but things like Generic Business  Cards without my contact info, but good promo to give to someone that you can share by simply handing but too write your name on it so you can get some promo fun! T-Shirt contest too will help make more promo goodies to wear 🙂

So thats the July Promo to add to the list of fun from June that’s carried over, all things end August 5th (Sunday) and results will be posted and online for all goodies August 8th by 10pm – so to recap:

#1 – Fibit Giveaway to keep healthy! (Customer Only)

#2 – 25% off lifetime savings with promo code SUMMERTIME (Open to the Public)

#3 – T-Shirt Design Contest for some free hosting, spending money at Amazon, donation in your name and a free t-shirt you designed! (Open to the Public)

#4 – Nexus 7 Contest for most sign-ups thru August 5th! (Customer Only)


Go July Go!

So there you have it! That’s the re-cap, another post coming later this week about some new monthly maintenance windows and server changes upcoming so stay tuned for that, newsletter and video heading out this week too!  If your not on the newsletter for some reason, get signed up!

I hope folks can get involved in the fun! Hope your July is off to a great start!

Customer Appreciation Month: Week 4

It’s hard to say goodbye… it was a fun month! Some great upgrades handed out, but this is the last week for announcements then on Monday I’ll announce a deal for all of October to mark the return of Crazy October – may be other surprises to come… you’ll have to wait and see – this week’s winners were actually randomly picked from last weeks since no entries came about on the slogans – but I’m a sucker for giveaways!

  1. Chris V.
  2. Andrew T.

And now onto the customer spotlight — Today is a guy who’s been involved with FlockHosting a bit – Josh Renaud [website] [blog] – Josh started hosting with FlockHosting ages ago, he has brought over some of his design customers, he’s even designed FlockHosting’s website [archived footage], and is the man responsible for the current logo! He has always been patient, supportive, and up for hearing my crazy ideas on how to fix things! 🙂

I can safely say he is one like the others who have been highlighted that I know in the midst of issues/problems/etc. he is praying for FlockHosting – and he’s a good man to have on board! So for this final week a few things sponsored in part by Josh – first and foremost, goodies – All accounts will be upgraded, no longer any small/medium/large/etc. – you won’t have a crazy october special – for all CURRENT customers those packages are gone, only customers remaining as-is are those moved to Praise, or those already over the limits of this package, in which case, you’ll get various items upgraded at no additional cost as well (ie. email/bandwidth) – this package is at no additional cost, if you need to upgrade, we’ll discuss a pricing process as-needed, but your bill stays the same, you just get more goodies 😉

So what do you get? A package I call APPRECIATE, it looks a little like this:

  • 1GB of Storage
  • 15GB Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 15 MySQL Databases
  • 10 Parked + 5 Add-on

Why? Because I can’t hug each of you individually – and my desire for “FlockCON” is still at least 2 years from being a reality 😉 I appreciate everyone’s continued business, support, and fellowship – I love getting to help on sites, and host some sites which continually bless others – some may say this is a bad idea from a money standpoint, but it’s the best I can do to show I appreciate all of you! Thank You EACH, for continuing to trust your website, your businesses to FlockHosting!

So thats all right? That’s the end? Sorry, goodies continue — Brenten, Katie, Uta and Josh – all of our customer highlighted folk – all get upgraded to the MEGA upgrade – can’t say thank you enough to these four folks who have truly blessed Me over the years, so my thanks to them, MEGA – should be able to move everyone tonight!

Oh and I am feeling a bit crazy still – So I decided toss all the customer names into a randomizer, randomized them 5 times, then picked two sets of random numbers giving the names “Sarah A.” and “Joseph C.” who each get 1 year of their current hosting services + 1 domain renewed completely… absolutely, 100% free of charge – Credits will be applied to your account by Monday Night.

So that’s it – I hope you have enjoyed this month of being appreciated! Welcome to October, some great specials coming up but sure to pass the word on to a friend or two, and this will become a yearly event – more fun happening around too, new website digs underway, new functionality coming to all accounts (hint: website editor? stay tuned!) – I want to continue to grow FlockHosting and get the best for all customers!

Be sure to stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter, more random goodies coming, even a few “Quick Contests” where you could win extra goodies, or coupons for friends to get free hosting! Lots to come, thanks again for being great customers!

Crazy October (10/17)

Some people have suggested a set of limited edition packages to run thru the entire month vs. a daily promotion, and that’s being taken under advisement, but in the mean time, some offers for today, aiming towards you who don’t need a lot of fluff or frills, and for current customers, some extra bandwidth to see you thru the month!

Current Customers

Current customers can easily upgrade and utilize 15GB of additional bandwidth a month for $5 a month – or if you wish to simply pre-pay it fora year, $50 for a year, offer is good on any Crazy October from years past (this year’s specials are not eligible) – so if you need more bandwidth, it’s a low add-on fee a month, or a simple yearly payment. As usual, to get these promotions simple contact_me to get rolling.

New Customers

Simple Simple Package (so simple, we said it twice!) – this package is really light weight, as most people don’t realize how small websites tend to be for most this package is great for a blog, simple website, businesses wanting a simple Business Card website, here’s the specs:

  • 125MB Storage
  • 5GB Transfer
  • 2 Email Accounts (Unlimited Aliases)
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • Complete Fantastico Access
  • Ability to Park 5 Domains (domains not included)
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • $15 (6 months) ($2.50 a month!)
  • $30 (12 months) ($2.50 a month!)

This offer is available for the next 24 hours, so if your interested don’t let it pass you buy click here, if you have any problems ordering, or any pre-sales questions, please don’t hesitate to contact_me for further information or assistance.