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Tonight when the usual rolling maintenance scripts run to download the latest server packages, part of the upcoming cPanel 11 made it into the upgrade, causing a blip in email service – all servers have been upgraded to cPanel 11. This is a 2 part upgrade, some services are not yet live but read on to find out more of what is to come!

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Maintenance Friday

This Friday (3/23/07) there will be brief outages on servers as some updates are processed – effected servers include:

  • homestar
  • faith
  • shepherd
  • titus
  • business

The process should be brief and help improve upon security, speed, and give you the latest resources out there – the maintenance window will begin around midnight on Friday, going through till about 1-2am on Saturday, most of the outages will be extremely brief – but if you catch an extended outage, please just say a prayer and hang tight, it’ll all clear up in a short bit.

Stay tuned to the blog for more things coming up!

Update: Maintenance is now completed. Thank you for your patience.