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State of the Server Address

What a week! For me aside from the setup of Grace, I’ve built out 8 additional servers for a long-time server customer (rebuilding his fleet) and still have Church Hosting hardware coming along,  it’s been a whirlwind! Migration

So what’s this post about? Well it’s a way for me to apologize for hiccups folks had, some had issues with email, some with versions of PHP, some with MySQL, wasn’t a flawless move, but never is in some areas when it comes to upgrading software, but the email and password issues, just did not foresee happening, in any migration we’ve never had these sorts of issues, but smoother sailing is here! I’m sorry you guys had issues, and I’m sorry where things just completely fell flat, but working to ensure things like that don’t happen again!  For now, here’s a quick rundown with all the migrations where we stand with hardware:

Server: Grace

Grace is up and running, we had some minor hiccups with the migration for folks using older scripts, we are using some newer tech, and older scripts aren’t playing nice – working on getting everything running smoothly, if you are having issues please let me know!

A few folks have reported password issues, cPanel works, FTP doesn’t, unsure of the cause, but if you are having this issue open a ticket and I can reset your password across the board, if wanting a quicker fix and can login to cPanel, simply change the password should update FTP.

Lastly Email filtering, this has been a big issue for everyone lately spam is horrible right now, and even FlockHosting Servers are getting blocked for legitimate email! I’m working on a few options to try and get things running cleaner at no cost, so hang tight! If it’s really bad please open a ticket and I’ll help however I can!

Server: Lilly

Lilly is running great, it’s been online since late July, and problems have been very few, additional memory and alternative MySQL configuration have run very smoothly, but too like other servers in the fleet some issues persist with spam, but all in all this new kid on the block is running great!

Servers: Faith & Shepherd 

This weekend (Saturday) these servers will be retired and shutdown. They have served FlockHosting well for a LONG time! I’ll be pulling one last backup tonight just-in-case, should anyone be coming late to the party of migrations and saying “BUT CHUCK! IT’S ALL BROKE!” I’ll have one final snapshot of what was, but moving forward Grace is your kid!

Server: Church

Now this is the latest in the works, I am hoping to have the hardware at some point soon! This will combine Fellowship & Koinonia into a single server which will have even more power and storage!

Server: Ruth

Ruth isn’t going anywhere, running on some newer hardware itself, it will be the last of the low-volume servers on-network, customers should expect any migration plans for this server, you are safe! 🙂

Thank You!

I really appreciate everyone’s patience in these moves! I know not always easy to have your site be in-transit, or email issues, password issues etc. but as always I’m working to ensure you are having as few issues as possible! Stay tuned, Church Hosting likely moving this next week! So new IP, new hardware, stay tuned & Have a BLESSED weekend!

Some Network Maintenance

Just got the following from the datacenter for the servers Faith & Shepherd:

 Network Maintenance (Tuesday, July 19, 2011 between 11:59PM and 01:59AM CDT(04:59 – 06:59 GMT))

Summary of Maintenance:

The purpose of this maintenance is to upgrade core networking capacity. Best practice and procedures will be employed throughout the maintenance.

Customer Impact:

There should be no noticeable customer impact during this maintenance window. However, we wanted everyone to be aware of the activity. There will be a number of network engineers on-site to ensure the process goes smoothly.

If you have any questions or concerns please open a ticket for further assistance! These happen now and again and rarely effect the servers directly, at worst may be some network outage, but your data and the server won’t be effected.

It’s Audit Season!

I don’t have a full accounting department that checks billing, or deals solely on issues of accounting (I wish I did!) but I have been making some real efforts to get all things in line and up to date as far as billing, servers, etc. I have some plans for growth into 2011 – So I am trying to get all my ducks in a row!

Today some big progress has been made! Today the server SHEPHERD is 100% audited! Accounts overdue will have a ticket created by days end, accounts long-dead and gone, deleted, accounts of my own from ages ago, migrated to separate hardware – and APPRECIATE applied to ALL customers on the server!

So what’s next? Tomorrow my plan (time allowing) is to tackle FAITH – it and SHEPHERD are two of the oldest servers in the fleet, Sheepy & Titus are slated to come back in 2011 if things continue to grow! More news though this weekend on some other products in the background which if you like you can  participate in!

Thanks for your continued business, prayers and patience!

Shepherd 100% Complete

It is now official, the last tweaks and adjustments are complete, both FH1/FH2 report all shepherd based sites to the new server, the SSL certificate has been migrated and will shortly be function for IMAPS, POP3S, FTPS – all secure forms of email/ftp checking will be 100% signed SSL, so no more pesky popups, stay tuned for how to fully utilize those features in the coming days.

Faith will migrate tonight starting at 11pm, I apologize to anyone who already paused their websites, if you have not done so already, tonight at 11pm (GMT-8) be sure to lock it down, and let me know so I can re-activate it for you after the move is complete.

If you have noticed any problems, please open a trouble ticket via the client area and let me know – all data is still backed up and active on the old hardware, so if you hit any snags, let me know ASAP! Thanks again for your patience and prayers! More news to follow!