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FlockUpdate: October 2015


  • Church Hosting – Thanks for all the donations! Nearly paid down for a quarter of a year! If you are still interested in help please feel free: https://crowd.flockhosting.com
  • Have questions? Always feel free to get in touch!
  • Web Editor? If you’re interested Weebly may be what we need! Check out the demo I put together in about 15 minutes. Prices start at ~$8 a month. Interested? Check out Weebly.com for more information.
  • Social Networking – Tons of images and encouraging notices, plus some service heads up – it’s growing and you seem to like it!
  • Restore Manager 4 – Coming to all servers by month’s end!
  • Social Media Liaison – Are you someone who could help out by building FlockHosting’s brand and services to the web. The idea would be a trade of services, if you can help build advertisements? come up with crazy package ideas? Willing to help handle this for me and I’ll handle your server needs and cover your hosting costs? Let me know! Just send me what you have done, and a short rundown of your mad skills 🙂
  • Crazy October? Stay tuned. Newsletter may arrive with goodies!
  • As always get in touch if I can do more!

FlockUpdate: September 2015



  • MXGuard Dog – Ready to go for your domain! Get in touch to get setup!
  • Social Networking – Are you liking the variety? More? Less?
  • Church Hosting – Can you help? Speed FlockHosting back into accepting churches by donating at https://crowd.flockhosting.com
  • Keep me in your prayers! I could use em! Lots coming up, lots going on, prayer is good!

Hello! Can We Talk?

One of the big pushes lately at FlockHosting is to get customer interaction up! I want to have customers be an excited part of the FlockHosting family! I am truly blessed there is a group of customers who have been with FlockHosting for years now who know me and know they can always ask questions, submit tickets that simply say “Hey Chuck, Can I do this?” and they’ll get an answer! However newer customers who weren’t around in the early days of building up FlockHosting don’t always use the resources FlockHosting has to offer.

So I am hoping to build up forums, Twitter discussions, Facebook updates, and maybe even a weekly Chatroom to come in to join in on discussions about Flockhosting, questions about services, tips on building your website, and much more!

FlockHosting is an amazing group of people Designers, Developers, Writers, Artists, Cooks, Musicians, Photographers, Bloggers, Churches, Youth Ministries, Fans, Families and Businesses – I want to help you all get to know each other, and thru your meeting maybe build friendships and ministry connections to help each other out in the mission field we all live in day-to-day!

So I hope you’ll truly take a minute to Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Subscribe to the Blog, and Sign-up on the Forum – lots of great folks to meet, and I pray we can pool resources and build upon FlockHosting to help one another with the talents and gifts that God has so richly blessed us all with! If you have an idea on how you can contribute to the community please email, Live Chat, or post on the forum your idea! Let’s work together to do amazing things for God!

And remember, FlockHosting doesn’t bite! If you have a what-if, can I, or other question or suggestion – My Door/LiveChat/Email/IM is always open!