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Snow Leopard Users: Still Compatible!

As new operating systems get released this year for Apple and Microsoft computers FlockHosting is making an effort to be sure our services remain functional – to that end for starters I have purchased the Snow Leopard Upgrade – so far most of the FTP clients are working without issue, some upgrades are required (do your Software Update or check for updates in the application) but so far smooth sailing.

As Windows 7 comes up my copy is already ordered, and application testing will begin again – if at anytime you find a program you can’t get to work, please contact me via trouble ticket for assistance, currently support operating systems which I can personally support are OSX (10.3->10.6), Windows (3.1->Win7), Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Redhat) – so feel free to ask questions if you have them, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Fantastico Returning Monday

Fantastico will be returning Monday after some more servers are patched up with the updates, I apologize for the outage, and I do thank you for the prayers for my Dad, he got admitted to the ER they did some tests, and released him with a follow-up with his doctor about kidney function.

So things are leveling out on both server & personal fronts. I do appreciate the prayers, and I’ll post more of an update on SEVERAL things this Monday!

Horde Restored

A day late, but a new patch was released last night after I updated, so I have been updating servers today getting things good to go, the core FH servers all should now have Horde back online, also I hope to roll out RoundCube WebMail to all servers by the end of this next week, some of the newer servers in the fleet have it installed, but I hope to expand and add it soon.

Also coming by Friday I hope to have news on the new mail plans, and I will be looking for folks to help test it out! So stay tuned to the blog, and a newsletter will be going out by Friday as well with some updates! Thanks again for your patience!

Horde Update

The final production patch should be going live tomorrow night during some software upgrades, I apologize for the delays in getting this all back online, but please understand the severity of this security issue was such a major hole, it could not be risked.

The patch seems solid in the testing area, and thus far no other alerts have come from Horde or cPanel in regards to the issue, so Friday night updates to cPanel will be processed across the board which will further lockdown the backend of webmail as well as update Horde to fix the hole.

I appreciate your patience in the matter, and I do hope to continue more rollouts over the next month as we expand the offerings to include Fantastico & Installatron, not to mention also the addition of external email services with enhanced spam filtering, webmail, etc. so stay tuned to the blog for more updates!

Spam Filters

Over the next few days a few blacklists will be adjusted in the anti-spam solution recently deployed – at least one of the lists has made it to where to get “unlisted” its $50 – and they have no record of why you were blocked in the first place – so very shady, and no matter how useful their blacklist might be, if folks can’t send or receive email due to that list, that’s no good.

I will point out that the BlackLists are still just a stop-gap measure to really hold out until I can find favorable pricing on spam filtering, so stay tuned for more information!