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A busy summer!

summertimeOh what a difference a month makes! It has been a busy summer. Last month I posted a mid-year update, a quick rundown of things to come and boy-oh-boy has it been busy around here!

Email is still in transition from the enhanced system, but some folks are already enjoying the new anti-spam filter. If you are using it actively, there is a new KB article posted about it and more to come as it continues to grow and grow and grow! About 5,000 pieces of spam blocked for a handful of domains. It’s been awesome to watch bad things get blocked and the good make it through! If you would like access to this for your domain(s), please let me know! It’s FREE!

Lilly comes online fully this week! Just finished up installing Ruby on Rails, SSL Certificate for Email, FTP and cPanel – and using a new database engine and 10GB of ram under the hood. She’s handled every test I’ve thrown at her well! Even great software like WordPress, Ghost, Vanilla, and others all worked without a hitch! She’s performing beautifully and once the final tweaks are in, this weekend Solomon will slowly start migrating over to this new server! This kid is wasting no time! Even running the new cPanel Theme “Paper Lantern” which is very slick:


free-churchCrowd Funding got off to a late start, but with all that’s going on behind the scenes, I’m happy to have gotten it launched, however it’s fallen flat. 0 sponsors, 0 earned, but it does have 19 days left to go! If you have been on vacation or have just missed it – give it a look! If you don’t feel safe donating or have a question about something, ask away!

Lastly, the KB is slowly (3 articles is slowly) adding to it’s ranks. I mentioned posting a WordPress Themes addition, well here you go. I hope to add a Plugins option too, as some folks have provided me with some great options over the years for plugins, but hopefully between the two I can build a fair resource of themes and plugins to choose from – but more articles are slowly in the works!

More is coming soon, Emails went out last night about server migrations! Lots in the works so stay tuned. Good things are coming!


Good News Everyone!

big-heartSo part of what I’ve been working on is really firming up infrastructure, and sadly the issues with Koinonia & Praise took a priority to building, but as things are calming down, I am working to do some upgrades! First on the docket are 3 key servers namely:

  • fh1.flockhosting.com (nameserver)
  • fh2.flockhosting.com (nameserver)
  • solomon.flockhosting.com

I’ll be doing some rolling reboots of each of these servers, downtime should be incredibly minimal, with FH1/FH2 – one will be taken down while the other holds the DNS traffic, then after FH2 is back, FH1 will follow suit with a slightly longer outage as I am migrating it quickly to another piece of hardware – but this will actually take place tonight but no customer should see downtime, just possible slight lag, but hope to keep it minimal.

Solomon will actually be upgraded Tuesday Night (3/19) /Early Early AM on Wednesday (3/20), wee hours of the morning to prep for a few folks from Praise making the move over, but should be at worst 1 hour downtime as some new hardware is added on including upgraded CPU, storage and just a hint more memory 🙂 Should make room for the 3 accounts coming to live on Solomon and not decrease any performance, to any other customers.

If you have any questions about any of this, leave a comment or always feel free to communicate with me any questions/concerns you may have!