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Founders Club Returns

It’s time. The wait is over…..

Founders Club Returns.

fh-giftBack in 2013 an offer was made to give folks an opportunity to get their hosting bill paid off in one shot. One current package no matter the account size, you paid $200 and you were set. Not to mention a 15% off built in discount to any other hosting packages you may purchase along the way, so how was it not a good idea?

Well it is a small purchase window, only 2 FlockHosters have ever joined this club, Victoria & Chris – Two long time FlockHosters who enjoy a 15% discount on domain renewals, additional hosting packages, and in the billing system have a awesome colorful highlight to their names in the customer listing 🙂

So for the next 10 days (ending April 15th) you can get in on this awesome club, for a one time purchase price of $200 you can eliminate the hosting costs for a hosting package in your account – the current 10 days allows for a max of 5 people to come on board and join the ranks, but other perks are coming for Founders Club members this year, but we’ll talk about that another day. Offer is open for ANY FlockHosting Customer in good standing!

So to get signed up I figured make it simple:

Sign-up Here.

5 4 3 2 1 final person will have the opportunity. If you are a new customer wanting to get started, then why not enjoy 10.40% off your hosting till April 15th, by using promo code 1040EZ at check out and you’ll have this discount applied to your hosting!

If you have any questions post in the comments below or catch me on Facebook, Twitter or Email. I’ll be around!

02-28-12 = 32! (Trust me it does!)

So you showed up, and are saying “So what’s this fun?” well for folks who have been waiting for that “DEAL” to come around today is the day, but the real question is “Why is Chuck bad at math?” I mean obviously its -38, or if adding 42 – so really – why is that math equate to 32?

It’s my age.  đŸ™‚ And thus to celebrate my 32nd birthday – 32% off of Personal and Business Hosting for all new accounts! An amazing savings! Works on all years of service, you want 3 Years? Save 32%! All you have to do is use the code BDAYBOY32!

Oh but wait, current customers there’s an option for you to get in on this too! A separate code of BDAYBOY32-25 will work for two secret plans for both the Personal and Business accounts that can be pre-purchased for your account at a 25% discount! I have setup the packages for 1 year of service for each package and you can order extra if you have a few hosting accounts (as some of you do) each qty you purchase is 1 year of pre-paid service, throw in the code and you get 25% off! Your account stays as-is, and your next due-date will be updated to reflect an additional year of service before your next billing!

Now if your not on the Personal/Business plans but on the legacy plans, you can still sign-up for this promo, but your accounts will simply receive a credit for the total amount you were billed – so if you do Personal x 2 it should roll out something like this:

  • Subtotal: $108.00 USD
  • 25% One Time Discount: $27.00 USD
  • Total Due Today: $81.00 USD

So you get a $81 credit applied to your hosting package, and even if your billed monthly, that $81 will slowly be used to pay your hosting bill! But there isn’t a limit to the savings you can have compared to new customers only able to go up to 3 years! So if you want to pre-pay for a few years you are more than welcome to, just put in a QTY you’d like, update the total, put in the promo code and your good to go! One warning, there are no refunds on this, it’s pre-paying so the amount will be applied to your account, so choose your amount wisely!

Other fine print? Limit 1 use per account, on either code – and only 16 uses per code – so don’t delay! New accounts will be created as they come in, current customers may have a 72hr window before credits are applied (I have to have time for cake!) and last but not least, this promo ends the 29th!

So the recap:

  1. New Customers – BDAYBOY32 – 32% off your new order!
  2. Current Customers – BDAYBOY32-25 – 25% off pre-purchase hosting time!
  3. Good for 16 uses per code
  4. Promo Ends 02/29/12


Not for you? Tell a friend! Great time to get hooked in! Hope you guys enjoy the birthday savings! They come around but once a year! Hope they are helpful!

Customer Appreciation Month – First Week!

So how do you say thanks to so many customers that have helped make your company what it is today? Well I don’t want it to be just freebies, I do want to take some time to note some people – if you want you can skip down, but I do want to introduce a few clients in these announcements who have really blessed me and thus in a way, they are the “Sponsor” of this week’s upgrade.

Today is Brenten Gilbert (aka theTRU) [Website] [Blog] – I met him originally thru CMCentral.com (if memory serves) he became a FlockHosting customer and has served as a test subject for new servers, been one to check in on Me, and one heckuva prayer partner when things are down and he patiently waits and lifts up me while hitting refresh.

I have been extremely blessed to have Brenten as a customer, but also as a friend – it is one of the things I love about a majority of the customers here at FlockHosting – most understand and realize that I am the staff/support team/etc. and customers like Brenten are truly a reason I do appreciate my customers, they are there in prayer, they are patient, and understand changes to improve benefit them!

So a BIG thanks to Brenten for being a blessing to FlockHosting all these years – looking forward to many many more! But in his honor all customers will receive tonight before 11PM (West Coast Time):

  • 500MB Additional Storage
  • 1GB additional Bandwidth
  • 5 Additional (Standard) Email Accounts
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • 1 Add-on domain

Please review your account in the next few days, if you have purchased additional resources and this accidentally lowers, please let me know! Going to simply push package upgrades across each server, so may miss a few adjustments here or there.

Now onto part 2 – I mentioned on Twitter/Facebook that there would be 2 lucky people getting upgrades, so here is what 2 people will get an upgrade to:

  • 4GB Storage
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 50 Databases
  • 10 Parked & 10 Add-on Domains

This will all be on the new server Praise – it is getting it’s final touches to tie it into the DNS system here at FlockHosting! Now before I mention how you get a chance to get this setup, I will note, you can enter for this not for yourself – I will be offering this as an upgrade for existing customers, your current bill stays the same, you just get this monster account – however, if your happy where you are, life is good, and things are great – there is a second option – you can donate this to a non-profit/church group for $100 a year – this is not a promotional price for this year only, every year for $100 it will renew, and the price remains the same (Plus next year’s customer appreciation day will add more resources free of charge!) so a fun deal!

To enter to win you have a few options:

  1. Post on Twitter using the tag #flockhost in your tweet and give 1 thing you like about the services @Flockhosting
  2. Post a comment on Facebook giving a short testimonial on why you like FlockHosting
  3. Post a comment here on the blog with either 1 thing you like, or testimonial.

You have 1 week to enter, all entries must be posted by next Friday at 12 noon,  I’ll announce the winners  in the next blog post for Customer Appreciation Month, to keep it random, all entries will be added to a database, random number generator will run twice and select a user ID assigned to those who entered, if you do not already make sure your customer profile is updated and you have the “Twitter Username” added if you are entering via Twitter, Facebook & The blog will use the email/name you enter with to lookup your customer information. This drawing is for FlockHosting customers only, not available to non-customers – however may not always be the same for next giveaways. 😉

Crazy October (10/17)

Some people have suggested a set of limited edition packages to run thru the entire month vs. a daily promotion, and that’s being taken under advisement, but in the mean time, some offers for today, aiming towards you who don’t need a lot of fluff or frills, and for current customers, some extra bandwidth to see you thru the month!

Current Customers

Current customers can easily upgrade and utilize 15GB of additional bandwidth a month for $5 a month – or if you wish to simply pre-pay it fora year, $50 for a year, offer is good on any Crazy October from years past (this year’s specials are not eligible) – so if you need more bandwidth, it’s a low add-on fee a month, or a simple yearly payment. As usual, to get these promotions simple contact_me to get rolling.

New Customers

Simple Simple Package (so simple, we said it twice!) – this package is really light weight, as most people don’t realize how small websites tend to be for most this package is great for a blog, simple website, businesses wanting a simple Business Card website, here’s the specs:

  • 125MB Storage
  • 5GB Transfer
  • 2 Email Accounts (Unlimited Aliases)
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • Complete Fantastico Access
  • Ability to Park 5 Domains (domains not included)
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • $15 (6 months) ($2.50 a month!)
  • $30 (12 months) ($2.50 a month!)

This offer is available for the next 24 hours, so if your interested don’t let it pass you buy click here, if you have any problems ordering, or any pre-sales questions, please don’t hesitate to contact_me for further information or assistance.