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MySQL5 in Testing

2008 is bringing a lot of changes to FlockHosting, a lot of it is the back-end hardware and software which powers things, thus I am actively working on testing the migration to MySQL5 which is the new “standard” so to speak, while active support has ended on MySQL4.x builds, they continue to support it thru 2009, it’s limited in the overall performance adjustments they’ll add etc. – so MySQL5 much like PHP5 is in the radar of things to upgrade.

Several test sites were put into a MySQL5 roll-out as part of a test of the new servers (coming soon!) and no issues have been found as of yet, a few more sites will be rolled out soon for further testing, like with PHP5, I encourage all customers to verify their applications in use work with MySQL5, most should, but if a large number of clients have issue in migration we will hold out fleet wide until applications are brought up to speed.

Stay tuned for even more updates, a Newsletter will be going out on Monday to explain some of the changes coming in the next 2 weeks, so hang tight, keep your eyes peeled here and in your email! Happy Sunday!

New Servers (This Month!)

Well God is Good – some things have come around and it looks like the server moves and upgrades are coming sooner than expected! Some great deals have been worked out and as some customers have helped me test, were moving to some really fast housing!

I am working out all the final details of the servers, and prepping to get software all configured and online for the move – but some details on the move include as originally planned 8-Core systems (2 x Clovertown 4-Core CPU’s), also winged some great hardware in the hard drive dept. 4 drives in a RAID-10 Configuration, and all the latest and greatest that cPanel has to offer as well, and I am working on one possible change in regards to Fantastico, but working out the budget on that – and I’ll have more on Monday!

So lots to plan for, lots to do, some hardware should come in and online tonight, and I’ll get to configuration and installation, and quite possibly as soon as next weekend there will be some migrations! So stay tuned here, and be sure to check your email next Monday for updates on the moves – but for customers on Faith, the upgrade is still on for tonight, so keep an eye on your website, and if you need any help please open a ticket for more assistance.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Faith to PHP5

The date has been set, a newsletter will go out Monday to confirm, but Faith will be migrating to PHP5 on Friday (01/11) at 11:45PM – the last upgrade went very smoothly so I am doing it a little earlier, downtime like last time will be under 30 minutes as services are backed-up and re-compiled to migrate the systems to PHP5 and Apache 2.

If you have not done so already, please ensure your applications are up to date – out of the entire server we only had 2 tiny blips, so Praise the Lord! Thanks to everyone for their prayers, and their promptness to upgrade applications to ensure compatibility.

The new year is getting started, some minor rocky spots, but God is Good. So stay tuned, once all servers have migrated to a PHP5 configuration, other upgrades are coming, and some server migrations as well, over a year, and I like to keep the hardware new, fresh, and giving you the best stability/speed as possible. If you have not been getting the newsletter, do let me know, and I’ll get you added ASAP! A sign-up will be eventually added to the new homepage (coming soon!).

Lots coming, lots to do, prayers are appreciated! Happy New Year Everyone!

Affiliate Program & New Services

Mark your calendars for December 3rd, that Monday some new services will be unveiled as well as the revival of the affiliate program! So soon a link can mean you get yourself some credit applied to your account, so the more folks you invite over to FlockHosting, you get a chance for earning months free, and each month if your the highest earning affiliate, some possible free upgrades!

Also not to set aside the new services, but more on that soon. A newsletter should be going out by Friday, and you’ll be able to get the full details, news about the upcoming year, and of course – a holiday deal! Stay tuned!

More Billing Migrations!

Another big batch of customers have been moved over to the new billing system – were you one of them? The new system is a bit different than the old one, and we encourage all customers to take a look around and if you have any questions, feel free to login and open a ticket – or as always for non-technical questions feel free to contact_me for more information.

I hope to have all customers, including resellers migrated over by the end of this week! Also a newsletter is coming next week with some upcoming server changes, so be sure your email address on file is current and up-to-date, as it will include some important information about scripts and various programs on the servers.