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WordPress Attacks!

If you are a user of WordPress I’d ask you to please consider installing the Limit Login Attempts Plugin [Link] over the last 24 hours there have been several blogs under attack – appears to be directed at the login process for WordPress so this plugin will help limit the number of times some one can attempt to guess your password! Too a STRONG password is key!

Need help making a stronger password? Your password of “password” is not safe try to have something stronger, use this Online Password Tool [Link] helps you create a password, I’d recommend 8-10 characters long, and if possible check all the boxes, if you use !@#$%^&*()_ type characters it does help secure your password more as it’s not the standard single word password which some dictionary based attacks may guess.

Please be safe with your installs! If you are in need of assistance to get things secured up please don’t hesitate to open a trouble ticket!

Some Network Maintenance

Just got the following from the datacenter for the servers Faith & Shepherd:

 Network Maintenance (Tuesday, July 19, 2011 between 11:59PM and 01:59AM CDT(04:59 Р06:59 GMT))

Summary of Maintenance:

The purpose of this maintenance is to upgrade core networking capacity. Best practice and procedures will be employed throughout the maintenance.

Customer Impact:

There should be no noticeable customer impact during this maintenance window. However, we wanted everyone to be aware of the activity. There will be a number of network engineers on-site to ensure the process goes smoothly.

If you have any questions or concerns please open a ticket for further assistance! These happen now and again and rarely effect the servers directly, at worst may be some network outage, but your data and the server won’t be effected.

Network Maintenance (11/8/07)

On November 8th @ 12:00AM(CST) there will be a brief outage (or so our upstream tells us), they will be performing some upgrades to the software and hardware for the network, they expect it to be “brief” as each device updates and reboots, usually in the past this is only about a 5 minute outage, and is even usually less than that.

If anything changes, or I get updated with more information from the upstream, I’ll update this post ASAP.