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15 Years of FlockHosting

Show Notes:

  • Amazing 15 years! Let’s celebrate!
  • Prizes Include (Only for FlockHosting Customers):
    • Key Chains – 50 45 Up for Grabs!
    • T-Shirts – 10  9 Up for Grabs!
    • Stickers – 250 249 Up for Grabs!
    • Google Home
    • Amazon Echo Dot
    • Video Projector Setup (Projector + Chromecast)
    • Starbucks Gift Cards
    • Amazon Gift Cards
    • Redbox Gift Cards
    • 15 Years Hosting
    • 3 x $200 Founders Club for Lifetime Hosting (New Founders Club Members Only)
    • 15% off Coupon (Good through May 15 2017) – Code: ITS15YEARS

Now here’s how we are going to get this going – the top 3 in green, are simply up for grabs! Once the stock is done, it’s done! To request it simply email me to request (Include Shirt Size), shirts will be up for purchase after the giveaways are all done so if you want a Shirt they’ll be up in a tiny WooCommerce Store, Stickers & KeyChains – send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I’ll send you back some goodies!

Blue items are entry based – you get an entry for just being a customer – so congrats, you’re all entered to win!  However if you want a few more entries into the fun here’s what you can do:

  • Tweet about your experience with FlockHosting (Tag FlockHosting or #FlockHosting15years)
  • Facebook about your experience with FlockHosting (Tag FlockHosting or #FlockHosting15years)
  • Instagram a video about your experience with FlockHosting (Tag FlockHosting or #FlockHosting15years)
  • Post a Comment here on the blog or YouTube comment.
  • Post ANYWHERE online about FlockHosting and send me the link!

You are not limited on entries, just ask you to not go spam crazy, but you can enter and post up until May 5th 2017, and I’ll tally the votes and have a set of winners announced on May 12th.

Lastly the Founds Club is first come, first serve – it’s not going to just go away, it’s here until every package is sold.

That’s it! Look forward to seeing what you guys share! Have fun!

Titus to Solomon

Earlier this year Titus was setup, it was a move in how hosting “could” be done using a 64bit platform – for the most part things have gone smoothly but in the realm of upkeep, security, and issues like modules, backend support etc. have made me have to re-focus and stick to a 32-bit setup.

So to that end Titus will be de-comissioned this Saturday after a migration of data to Solomon, all customers on Titus should have received a email with this information – but for those who may not of, this is being cross posted here on the blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Read the email that was sent out below.

Read moreTitus to Solomon

Upgrades, Audits, Crazy!

Well it’s nearly that time again! Crazy October is right around the corner! Specials are going to be coming to the second full week of October (Monday the 13th) as well as a promotion to tie into the usual Crazy October specials!

A new site look and feel is underway, and it’s coming along quite nicely (if I do say so myself) but I am actively working to get some of the front-end of FlockHosting caught up as my primary goal has been the backend which has been coming along nicely, new enhacements are working nicely, and new mail options are nearly out of the testing phase – special thanks to testers!

I had hoped to have a newsletter out, but the joys of working everywhere lately, busy, which is good, but sometimes time isn’t always available, spent nearly 12 hours sleeping Sunday->Monday, so a nice catch up – but it’s time for some FH TLC! So stay tuned here for more! Off to update the site’s backend in prep for the upcoming changes, so things may be a little out of sorts for a bit.

Fantastico Returning Monday

Fantastico will be returning Monday after some more servers are patched up with the updates, I apologize for the outage, and I do thank you for the prayers for my Dad, he got admitted to the ER they did some tests, and released him with a follow-up with his doctor about kidney function.

So things are leveling out on both server & personal fronts. I do appreciate the prayers, and I’ll post more of an update on SEVERAL things this Monday!

Horde Disabled

It has recently been announced that Horde in cPanel has some very very serious security concerns, so sadly effective immediately Horde will be disabled to avoid any problems with the safety & security of the servers.

I apologize for the quick-to-action nature of this shutdown, I do realize some of you utilize Horde on a daily basis, and have notes, contacts, etc. stored, I am working with some others to find a work-around to get those imported into Squirrelmail or RoundCube (not yet on all servers) – but rest assured, this is being worked on.

Other options are coming for email, I do hope to have them posted in the next few days, so hang tight! Been busy around here!