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FlockUpdate for May 2017

Show Notes:

  • 15 Year Celebration was Awesome! Thanks! Looking for the winners? Scroll past the show notes!
  • New Live Chat – Need to talk? Get in touch!
  • New Status Page – It’s now linked in the Customer Zone, replacing the old network status page.
  • Jonah Migration Coming Soon!
  • New Products
  • Summer Break is Here! Update your profile and add contacts! (Quick Video Coming Soon)
  • New FlockHosting getting closer!

The Winners Are:

Here they are! Get in touch to claim your prize! Just shoot me an email or use any of the methods in the communicate page! Final day to claim your prize is June 30th, and prizes will go out by end of July!

  • Google Home – Katie A. – Burbank, CA
  • Amazon Echo Dot – Chris M. – Burbank, CA
  • Video Projector Setup (Projector + Chromecast) – Terrence F. – Byron, MN
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Cards – Brenten G. – Gainesville, VA
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Cards – Dell L. – Katy, TX
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Cards – Karen P. – Langhorne, PA
  • $5 Amazon Gift Cards – Bonnie H. – Versailles, KY
  • $5 Amazon Gift Cards – Victoria M. – Grove City, OH
  • $5 Amazon Gift Cards – Cheri F. – Grand Rapids, MI
  • $5 Redbox Gift Cards – Thomas S. – Mount Joy, PA
  • $5 Redbox Gift Cards – Francois G. – Orangeville, ON (CA)
  • $5 Redbox Gift Cards – Joseph M. – Broomfield, CO
  • 15 Years Hosting – Ron K. – Eureka, MO

And if you have made it this far just a heads up – there are still Founders Club Spots left! 😀

Have a great rest of May! Talk to you in June!

15 Years of FlockHosting

Show Notes:

  • Amazing 15 years! Let’s celebrate!
  • Prizes Include (Only for FlockHosting Customers):
    • Key Chains – 50 45 Up for Grabs!
    • T-Shirts – 10  9 Up for Grabs!
    • Stickers – 250 249 Up for Grabs!
    • Google Home
    • Amazon Echo Dot
    • Video Projector Setup (Projector + Chromecast)
    • Starbucks Gift Cards
    • Amazon Gift Cards
    • Redbox Gift Cards
    • 15 Years Hosting
    • 3 x $200 Founders Club for Lifetime Hosting (New Founders Club Members Only)
    • 15% off Coupon (Good through May 15 2017) – Code: ITS15YEARS

Now here’s how we are going to get this going – the top 3 in green, are simply up for grabs! Once the stock is done, it’s done! To request it simply email me to request (Include Shirt Size), shirts will be up for purchase after the giveaways are all done so if you want a Shirt they’ll be up in a tiny WooCommerce Store, Stickers & KeyChains – send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I’ll send you back some goodies!

Blue items are entry based – you get an entry for just being a customer – so congrats, you’re all entered to win!  However if you want a few more entries into the fun here’s what you can do:

  • Tweet about your experience with FlockHosting (Tag FlockHosting or #FlockHosting15years)
  • Facebook about your experience with FlockHosting (Tag FlockHosting or #FlockHosting15years)
  • Instagram a video about your experience with FlockHosting (Tag FlockHosting or #FlockHosting15years)
  • Post a Comment here on the blog or YouTube comment.
  • Post ANYWHERE online about FlockHosting and send me the link!

You are not limited on entries, just ask you to not go spam crazy, but you can enter and post up until May 5th 2017, and I’ll tally the votes and have a set of winners announced on May 12th.

Lastly the Founds Club is first come, first serve – it’s not going to just go away, it’s here until every package is sold.

That’s it! Look forward to seeing what you guys share! Have fun!

December Pre-FlockUpdate

While I am still a few days (likely Monday) from actually recording a FlockUpdate, I find myself reflecting on 2016 – the year was shy on new customers compared to 2015, but still healthy growth.

So what’s on the docket for 2017? Growth. Running forward with my head up to build a bigger, better, stronger FlockHosting – and I’ll talk about that more in the video this next week but with all that’s happened in 2016 – let’s all give 2017 over to God and know HE is in control of what is to come!

How can you help in 2017 with the growth of FlockHosting? Help spread the word. I have a new FlockHosting coming up which will focus on the three primary product lines I plan to offer. Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and VPS Servers – I’m leaving the door open for custom quotes for Dedicated Servers and Email Servers, but the site is getting a BIG cleanup when it comes to what FlockHosting does.

I’ll be talking too on the FlockUpdate of things like New FlockHosting Shirts, new business cards, PDF’s made for Bulletin Inserts (if you feel so helpful as a Church hosting with us) and lots more.

So look forward to the video this next week! Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

T-Shirt Sales

If you follow FlockHosting on social networks you may have seen this beautiful thing:

Image 2016-09-01 at 12.00.54 AM
Click to buy me!

Yes, I’ve decided to make a new FlockHosting shirt you can buy! Heck I loved it so much, I got me one already:

Image 2016-08-31 at 11.54.30 PM

Now the design above is only available for nine days. That’s it. The company I’m doing this through makes it, so I don’t have any up-front costs or anything else -but- I am hoping to throw in a few designs for FlockHosting. Over the next six months will be ready for Customer Appreciation Day/Week/Month (whichever I can schedule out correctly!)

This t-shirt, of course, is not the first design FlockHosting has ever had. Yes I’ve been dabbled with the shirt world before:

Image 2016-09-01 at 12.03.12 AM

Amazing right? This t-shirt is still up for sale on CafePress.com, however, trying something new, something hopefully I can keep up as the goal here is to help fund growth of Church Hosting.

We’ve reached SO many sites and helped many churches get online, operational but as always I want to grow more. – The previous fund’s folks have helped with has helped us reach two servers, over 400 churches, and I want-to-do-more!

So if you like, instead of using the old Crowd Funding Site (which is still fine! Some of you do!). However, if you want a comfy t-shirt (sweater coming soon) and soon some other fun hosting themed, as well as some cool designs I hope to work on, all proceeds will go towards Church Hosting growth!

I will be doing a fresh article this month on the new goals of Church Hosting, including some cool options for design, backup, etc.  So stay tuned, another FlockUpdate will be heading your way!

Lastly, if you have a design idea, I’d love to post a shirt a month or every two months, if your design is selected? You get a free print! And I’ll even throw in a $15 Amazon Gift Card! So submit any design ideas you have, if you need the logo click hereLegal Jargon: You submit it, FlockHosting owns it, we can reproduce it as needed. 

Why so quiet?

work-n-manSome would enjoy the quiet, but a few of you have actually checked in on me and asked how things are going – and it’s busy busy busy busy busy *breath* busy busy busy busy busy! We are rapidly coming up on the midway point of 2014 and there is a LOT going on behind the scenes! I have been working on a lot of infrastructure lately, trying to streamline things, improve server density and ensure customers are getting the best support possible! I’ve been in talks with 3 data centers about growth and a good building path leaning on other opinions not just my own thought of buzz words about “the cloud” which is so ominous it’s not even funny, one company even tried to sell me “the cloud” and yet their offering was a fleet of servers which was less powerful than what FlockHosting houses now! Oi!

So what am I hoping to see happen? Growth. Church Hosting has been the biggest growth over the last year or so, averaging at least 3-4 accounts a month! This month alone already picked up 3 and Fellowship quickly is filling up, and if I can get myself in gear, I’ll get the Crowdfunding going and really amp things up and increase storage and more! But I need help! I need to get the word out to paying customers as well! I need more folks hosting, blogs, eComm, etc.

The big thing I’ve been working on is VPS Servers & Dedicated Server Offerings – Why? Well above the desire to give FlockHosting customers the best hosting experience, some of you have a BIG need, and why go somewhere else? I’ve been working to give you great options to choose from a easy to deploy VPS which has a lot of great pre-fab system templates (Forums, Blogs, CRM, Analytics, LAMP, and cPanel) you can do everything from have your own Linux playground, to run your own Hosting setup using cPanel! For starters a $15 a month package will offer you a lowend box to dabble with, with slightly larger servers which include cPanel pre-configured with great add-ons much like you have here at FlockHosting, however YOU set the limits, and I’ll be here to help where you need it!

You are given the keys to the castle too! Using a great control panel which allows you to manage all elements of your VPS server, from reboots, re-installs, you can change settings as you see fit! It’s all pretty straight forward, have a look at this test box I setup!


All ready to be deployed, and self-managed by you! I’ll of course offer management options too – but it’s a start! You can deploy servers in Chicago, New York and Atlanta – California, and Dallas are coming soon – but these are not some 3rd party company offering us service, we own this hardware, I don’t share it with anyone else! As always never oversold, if you need to grow, there’s room left on servers to grow, and if you need to move to dedicated, I can do that too!

This all launches in about 2 weeks, still getting final hardware provisioned and setup, if you are interested now, I have 3 spots open, and if you are up for being a first timer, I’ll offer you a deal on some management and configuration all for $50 a month… First come first serve, this $50 deal won’t be offered publicly, but if you know my tendencies here at FH, you know – I’m prone to go overboard with goodies!

But more is in the works, I do want to see some customer appreciation fun this year too, and some big news coming down in August too, stay tuned for that, may give a few hints here and there, but lots to do, stay tuned for more updates, FlockUpdate will return soon too – lots of my time has been in projects and just haven’t had a ton of time to sit in front of the mic and record! Video to make soon too as I want folks to understand what the Crowdfunding is all about!

Thanks for reading! I hope some of you may be interested in your own VPS, if so please get in touch! Keep spreading the word, not just about Church Hosting, but help me get a few more $5/$10 accounts too if you can! Thanks all have a great weekend!