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Why so quiet?

work-n-manSome would enjoy the quiet, but a few of you have actually checked in on me and asked how things are going – and it’s busy busy busy busy busy *breath* busy busy busy busy busy! We are rapidly coming up on the midway point of 2014 and there is a LOT going on behind the scenes! I have been working on a lot of infrastructure lately, trying to streamline things, improve server density and ensure customers are getting the best support possible! I’ve been in talks with 3 data centers about growth and a good building path leaning on other opinions not just my own thought of buzz words about “the cloud” which is so ominous it’s not even funny, one company even tried to sell me “the cloud” and yet their offering was a fleet of servers which was less powerful than what FlockHosting houses now! Oi!

So what am I hoping to see happen? Growth. Church Hosting has been the biggest growth over the last year or so, averaging at least 3-4 accounts a month! This month alone already picked up 3 and Fellowship quickly is filling up, and if I can get myself in gear, I’ll get the Crowdfunding going and really amp things up and increase storage and more! But I need help! I need to get the word out to paying customers as well! I need more folks hosting, blogs, eComm, etc.

The big thing I’ve been working on is VPS Servers & Dedicated Server Offerings – Why? Well above the desire to give FlockHosting customers the best hosting experience, some of you have a BIG need, and why go somewhere else? I’ve been working to give you great options to choose from a easy to deploy VPS which has a lot of great pre-fab system templates (Forums, Blogs, CRM, Analytics, LAMP, and cPanel) you can do everything from have your own Linux playground, to run your own Hosting setup using cPanel! For starters a $15 a month package will offer you a lowend box to dabble with, with slightly larger servers which include cPanel pre-configured with great add-ons much like you have here at FlockHosting, however YOU set the limits, and I’ll be here to help where you need it!

You are given the keys to the castle too! Using a great control panel which allows you to manage all elements of your VPS server, from reboots, re-installs, you can change settings as you see fit! It’s all pretty straight forward, have a look at this test box I setup!


All ready to be deployed, and self-managed by you! I’ll of course offer management options too – but it’s a start! You can deploy servers in Chicago, New York and Atlanta – California, and Dallas are coming soon – but these are not some 3rd party company offering us service, we own this hardware, I don’t share it with anyone else! As always never oversold, if you need to grow, there’s room left on servers to grow, and if you need to move to dedicated, I can do that too!

This all launches in about 2 weeks, still getting final hardware provisioned and setup, if you are interested now, I have 3 spots open, and if you are up for being a first timer, I’ll offer you a deal on some management and configuration all for $50 a month… First come first serve, this $50 deal won’t be offered publicly, but if you know my tendencies here at FH, you know – I’m prone to go overboard with goodies!

But more is in the works, I do want to see some customer appreciation fun this year too, and some big news coming down in August too, stay tuned for that, may give a few hints here and there, but lots to do, stay tuned for more updates, FlockUpdate will return soon too – lots of my time has been in projects and just haven’t had a ton of time to sit in front of the mic and record! Video to make soon too as I want folks to understand what the Crowdfunding is all about!

Thanks for reading! I hope some of you may be interested in your own VPS, if so please get in touch! Keep spreading the word, not just about Church Hosting, but help me get a few more $5/$10 accounts too if you can! Thanks all have a great weekend!

Change incoming!

Preview... Trouble is brewing… okay okay – not trouble, but change 🙂

I have been working on some changes to FlockHosting.com … and by some changes I mean a lot. If you look at this lovely screen shot you’ll note some changes to the menu which say “VPS/Dedicated Servers” – oh yes, new product line is FINALLY here! It’s been talked about, mentioned and now it’ll finally be a reality! A lot of things are being moved around to make room for new products, new offerings, and a fresh look to the website in general!

Too some changes are being written today to the Terms of Service / Hosting Agreement, minor spelling corrections, fixes of OLD billing system references, refining things like you CAN distribute copyrighted material, if you own it (seems fair right?) well some minor changes, but I’ll outline the differences for everywhere after it goes live!

I did miss a FlockUpdate podcast, but rest assured a fresh one is coming! I’ll be taking the mic and getting things recorded here soon for a catch-up volume including some news on this new look!

Other things coming is the FlockHosting Crowdfunding Extravaganza! (I know, a catchy title!) but the plan is to by the end of March have a fully functional site to allow folks to help fund FlockHosting’s plans to expand Church Hosting!

A LOT of good things are on their way – today is the LAST day to save 34% off your order! Be it a month, 3 months, 6 months, or 3 years – you pick the time frame up to 3 years and you get a 34% off! Not too shabby! Check Facebook for the coupon code! A GREAT offer for a limited time!

For now I’ll say have a wonderful day! Keep an eye out on Monday/Tuesday for some new goodies to look at!

It’s a Joy!

It's Ready!How do I explain how amazingly awesome this image is?

For some of the folks using Church Hosting I know it’s simply a free service – nothing to it, use it, get online – piece of cake, the man behind the curtain isn’t a thought – but I wanted to share my heart a bit on what Church Hosting growth means to Me.

I know I go on and on about it’s importance of saving churches money and helping spread the gospel online, but this is a HUGE blessing to me to be able to serve churches! I reached out to church host’ers and go some fun feedback, everything from big thanks, the “ok” to post their website on FlockHosting’s upcoming update to Church Hosting pages, to even HUGE requests for possibly helping manage entire groups of Churches and one even let me know that they are putting out the word to “about 700 churches” – only 700… No big deal (starts praying now!)

free-churchGod is Good people! I know for some this makes NO sense, why I’d give away a service, why I’d support it end to end with help managing WordPress and tutorials on how to get things updated and managed smoothly, I’ve even helped here and there with design and doing updates/upgrades and more – Why? It’s what FlockHosting has been doing since day one. Helping people is what I love doing,  I even do it for paying customers too at no charge! It’s a blessing to serve!

So things with the new server “Fellowship” are ready to go! What all does that entail?

  • DNS Cluster all sync’d up and ready to add new domains!
  • Added to the Billing System for Easy Setups for Customers & Ease of Getting Support!
  • Softaculous Auto-Installer Licensed and Installed
  • SSL Certificate setup for cPanel, FTP, IMAP, POP3 and Webmail
  • New Anti-Spam Solution with good results!
  • Latest WordPress ready to be installed for Churches!
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Nightly Backups Configured

And that’s just the basics! More to come! I’m excited as folks are getting in touch with me about “Can you do this?” or “Will Software X work?” and where the answer is “not right now” that’s just it, right now is but a moment! Growth for the future is on the horizon and “not right now” will transform into “right now”!

A BIG request coming in lately is “Do you do JUST email?” – I want to say yes, but as it stands – I’m not ready just yet, but soon! Already begun looking at BIG mail appliances to handle Email Filtering (both incoming & outgoing) so I can help keep things running without a server on a blacklist constantly – and ensure folks are using the email service for GOOD not EVIL! So stay tuned!

So keep FlockHosting in your prayers, some fun is un-rolling here, and Church Hosting will have a fundraiser here soon which will help fund the next few big jumps in church hosting! With 700+ churches getting the word from a trusted source… I may need to learn to drink coffee! 🙂

Have a BLESSED weekend all! And thanks for spreading the word!


Fresh FlockHosting — Day 5: State of the Union

Continuing To Grow

If you’ve already watched the video you know some of the key things, however if you’re somewhere that doesn’t allow YouTube at the moment, the shorter (than the video by far) version is, I am asking for help.

For over a decade FlockHosting has done it’s best to be a help & blessing to those around us! I have had the blessing to talk to so many people over the years and be a help where possible, and I don’t want that to stop anytime soon! So I am hoping I can count on each of you reading to lend a hand and help out where you can!

There are a few areas I need your help, some of them have been outlined this week, things like using the Affiliate Program, Referral Cards, Facebook and Twitter – Help FlockHosting get the word out! But too for those who the Lord leads, maybe donating into FlockHosting a bit more above and beyond your monthly payment to help bolster things and build up areas that need a hand to make them a reality!

Things are continuing to grow here at FlockHosting – I hope you can help speed them along! Again I’d ask any and all customers/visitors/family/friends/etc. who are considering the idea of donating once the fundraising is up and online to truly take this to the Lord in prayer! I believe God is going to do amazing things with FlockHosting, and I just need some help to get there 100% so stay tuned! More is coming to the blog this next week on further how you can get involved & lend a hand!

Thank You!

I really mean it, thank you each for taking the time to stop in and watch the videos, read the blog posts! I know its not a short set of videos, and I know it is not maybe the easiest things to listen to as it can be technical and dry, but hopefully together we can truly take FlockHosting into a great 2nd half of 2013 and amazing things for our local areas very soon!

Fresh FlockHosting — Day 4: Spreading the Word


Spreading the Word!

Our growth depends on spreading the word! I however can’t get the word out on my own, and need your help – new cards are in final proof phase (making sure Facebook is spelled correctly!) and ready to goto the printer to make 500 cards to hand out, and you just need to let me know how many you need! Take a look!


The codes are good for both Business and Personal, and the 15% discount works for any amount of hosting size! You can save on Monthly, Quarterly, etc., up to 3 years of service savings!

If you have some feedback on FlockHosting as your hosting provider, do take a minute to give FlockHosting your rating & referral here on the comments, Facebook Page or even Twitter – but too if you would like some of these cards once they goto print, post a note here and I’ll put you down, they’ll be in by the 15th, so by FlockUpdate time they should be ready to ship out!