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FlockUpdate: May & June 2016

FH-BusinessManSo no video you may notice first things off. The first half of the year has been non-stop. Oh and this past week hasn’t stopped either, it keeps going and going and going.

I picked up some continuing education on actually bolstering some advertising and marketing know-how, as well as a possible new revenue stream or two – things are changing so let’s get right into it:

It’s June!

May was busy, and now here we are in June, a lot has happened since our last three month in one update, but some quick recap:

  • No new news on sysadmin job.
  • Weebly is still there, just not much draw.
  • Grace & Church moved over nicely! Minor Hiccups
  • Big Social Network Run – Mixed feelings from visitors.
  • FlockHosting has a newer look, fine tuning. Publishing soon.

So that’s the recap from the last update on things, but let’s head right into what’s happening now.

Email Issues

Some servers were having issues getting on blacklists, and my way of monitoring which required manual checking was simply not working well. So I went with Plan B a service called RBLTracker which has a subscription service for check all servers against IP Based RBL’s, and URI based RBL’s to make sure that servers are not blacklisted. Works great!

Sadly the biggest issue lately is Microsoft (Office365, Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, etc.) they are blocking and not letting up easily. They have no great way short of paying a HUGE fee for a subscription to monitor mailing or blacklisting – you get blocked, you submit, and within two days you are supposed to be removed, but honestly I’ve never had that happen, so fighting currently to get Church & Grace removed.

Now I have a solution in the works, and I’m trying to do this without too many issues, I want to create a separate mail server for customers, but the issue is cPanel does not link to it. So that leaves either giving manual control. However, my mail server doesn’t do that it requires me to make the changes, or give out admin access to everyone but then they’ll have access to everyone.

I’m working out a solution for the long term. Tomorrow during the start of a vacation (more on that soon) I’ll be deploying a SmartHost to route all mail from Grace, Lilly, Church, and Fellowship. Doing this will create a clean mail path, and hopefully, make things run smoothly for a few days till the Microsoft Issue repaired.

If you are having a problem, please don’t hesitate to open an email but hang tight till tomorrow, the change is transparent, won’t make any modifications for you – just a quick server configuration change. So hang tight.

Weebly Packages

In July along with a new base package, I’ll be officially launching Weebly plans. Now some of you have not liked the Weebly platform, but I am hoping it will be an area of growth for FlockHosting for those who aren’t wanting to sign-up for some long-term high-cost commitment elsewhere, hoping to build an excellent package which includes all your hosting and email needs.

Do you know someone who would benefit from a website creation tool like Weebly? Don’t forget once we launch we have an affiliate program; you could earn cash for sending people our way! I’ll have some intro incentives so stay tuned!

Upgrades Galore!

The other day I noted the quick update to our billing system, but too cPanel has undergone some upgrades including an HTML editor update, security improvements, and some performance updates – all quite nice!

The billing system has some cosmetical tweaks to the templates for email, and new rich text editor so I can do some bold, italic, etc. So I can spice things up a bit in my email replies! If you open a ticket, I do hope you like the improvements.

Live Chat is changed up. Tawk.to was a nice idea, but sadly it always disconnected, never integrated 100% and folks emailed in and said: “I left a message, did you get it?” I didn’t. So I went back and spent a little investment back to Olark the previous live chat which does a fantastic job and sends me emails quickly when folks leave a message! Too I’ll be monitoring it here this next week so keep an eye out for me!


Exhausted. Tired . Shot. Done. Need a nap. Told the guy at Target when asked: “Can I help you find anything?” I answered “My sanity.”

A break is needed, and while a week would be nice, I’m going to settle for three days. I’m loading the fam up on the train in about 6 hours going South. Train means no crazy Southern California driving! Kiddo gets to see the Zoo and such, and maybe, just maybe – a nap for me.

I always appreciate those of you who say things like “Worry about my ticket later” and some of you have given me a TON of room to relax in the midst of some crazy days. I appreciate it greatly – this has been one of the harder years on record, just seems like there is never a chance for a real downtime. So as soon as I hit publish, I’m off to bed. I will, of course, be on-call so to speak; response time may be later in the day as I wind down, I’ll review tickets & emails, if anything is dire, please use the priority system on tickets accordingly.

What’s Next? Growth.

Next month I hope to be rested a little, at which time I hope to unveil some options on the site, some new steady content on the blog (I know I always say it, but this time, I’m buckling down to steady writing days!), some improvements to FlockHosting.com, and looking towards building a growing FlockHosting.

I appreciate you taking the time to read and find out what’s going on at FlockHosting! Stay tuned for more great things! Hope you’ll stick around and watch things grow into the 15th year of service!

FlockUpdate: February, March and April 2016

Show Notes:

  • Busy 2016!
  • Outage in Feb [Link to Post]
  • Security Updates!
    • WordPress 4.5 is Here – Update! [Link to Post]
    • Managed WordPress – Create a user, open a ticket, paste in the login info and I’ll do the rest! (FREE!)
    • Wordfence Big Update! Worth adding! [Link to Post]
    • Update your Apps! If you installed via Softaculous choose update from within it!
    • AntiVirus Mac [Avast, Avira]
    • Anti-Virus PC [AVG, BitDefender]
  • Secure Email – Use Hostname vs. YourDomain.com
  • Yearly VPN Service – ~$12 a year for secure access for FlockHosting Customers
  • Social Network Posts – Uplifting Posts & Fun is coming very soon!
  • Weebly Updates Soon!
  • New FlockHosting.com is coming soon!
  • Non-Profit or No Non-Profit? Have any tips? Suggestions? Pros or Cons? Would love your feedback!
  • Server Revamps for Grace & Church – April 22nd
    • MySQL Databases in basic testing not coming over easily due to old password format. It’s an easy fix simply change the password back to what it was originally.
  • System Administrator Side-Gig may be a big benefit to us soon! New Server Options!
  • Having any issues on Grace? Get in touch on your original ticket, just reply and it’ll re-open!
  • April Celebration of Year 14 years! Some cool things are coming towards month’s end!
  • Prayer Board coming to FlockHosting.com
  • Building Community @ FlockHosting
  • I like HotPockets!
  • My YouTube Channel [Link]

FlockUpdate: December 2015


  • Weebly is here! Packages will be live on the site Monday! As well as a blog post for all the details of this new package!
  • 2015 is wrapped up! Giveaways should be appearing on Social Media & Newsletter here before year’s end!
  • Coupon Code on Monday for 25-45% off a 2-year deal!
  • Update, Update, Update! Help protect yourself from getting Hacked by doing some simple security:
  • Year End Audit! Going over all canceled accounts, overdue accounts, sites with expired domains will all be archived/cleared off. If you are unsure if you are up-to-date please login at https://secure.flockhosting.com to update your information and ensure you are paid up and good to go!
  • 2016 – Moving Forward! Let’s build. Let’s be seen! Banners, PDF’s and more coming very soon!
  • Thank You! So many of you who have donated to Church Hosting, given an occasional tip, and just being a customer! Thanks for being a part of FlockHosting in 2015!

FlockUpdate: November 2015


  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Web Editor Next Month! Weebly will become a new tool from FlockHosting!
  • Email Rejections being dealt with! If you are having problems please contact me!
  • Church Hosting – Thank you for your donations!
  • Church Hosting – We don’t have limits! Church Hosting site being revamped to ensure folks understand it’s meant to be a blessing!
  • New Changes coming to FlockHosting for 2016!
  • No more founders club! But discount membership option coming soon!
  • Promo’s coming in December!