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May 2012 Updates

So welcome to a new monthly bit called:

FlockHosting Updates!

*Cue Music* šŸ™‚

So here we are in May, after a 10 year celebration MONTHĀ things are slowly calming down and going back to the usual week-to-week Ā setup, or are they? Not really.

I am wanting to really kick things up a notch, most notably is customer involvement. (please only groan once) I know not everyone has the time to be a full time member of a community, answer surveys EVERY month, or interact with me on a daily or dare I even say monthly basis – most of you manage your websites, and have no major need of my assistance on a regular basis, while this is good, I feel like I don’t always get the feedback I need to continue to enhance services to fit your needs.

To that end somethings:

#1 FlockEDU

This was suggested by Jeff Smyth on Facebook during last month’s celebration and its a great idea! Not all of us know the ends and outs of building a website! Some folks will say “Oh just use XYZ! It makes websites simple!” however thats the only advice usually, never “To use it do this.” and instruction is given, thus FlockEDU is being built.

What is it? A series of guides, going to make eachĀ availableĀ in PDF, ePub, and Other eBook formats plus a on-site system too for looking thru resources and guides from simple things like “How do I connect via FTP on my Mac?” – these kinds of guides will be created.

Chuck this sounds like the Knowledge Base? Yes it does, but think of the Knowledge Base really amped up a notch and crowd sourced ideas from YOU the user and made into some great portable/printable guides made easy to handle, but too easy to understand with great pictures/videos – The KB will always be around, and be geared more towards Technical Support vs. Learning – so they’ll split a bit.

Okay, so how much is this? What do I do? Ā It’s free! This isn’t some subscription service, or additional charge, this is going to be a set of resources by myself, and hopefully with the help of other FlockHosting customers some crowd sourced ideas to build up for others to find quickly and easily via the FlockEDU website!

Where is it? I’m interested. Currently it’s in development, the goal date for launch is June, middle or end, but it will launch and be good to go, in the mean time, get involved – check out the new forum with some additional information! [FlockHosting Community: FlockEDU Forums]


#2 FlockHosting Community is Back!

Oh here he goes again, he wants us to use forums! Oh I do, but even as a lurker! šŸ™‚ The forums are a tad more re-structured, I want to make the community grow, I want to get you involved as customers and build things into a good solid community to help, to share, to even be there for simple Christian Fellowship & Prayer.

The setup is pretty simple right now, things are broken down into areas which should fit folks better, the Marketplace is one that I hope to grow with services from some of our FlockHosting customers who sell crafts, cooking goods, and more! It can be a lot of fun!

Too the EDU has a home on the community now, I hope it helps foster some ideas that will help fuel the EDU to provide great resources and guides for FlockHosting customers!

If you haven’t sign-up today, even if it’s just to hang-out a bit and read, may learn something šŸ™‚ [FlockHosting Community]


#3 Monthly Survey, Vlog, Blog and Newsletter!

I want to get things rolling bigger and better this year, and that means two things:

#1 – I need to communicate better with you – if that means you need to see the guy behind the emails, tickets and chats – so be it, going to communicate via YouTube, Blog, and Newsletter!

#2 – I need to hear from you!

Each month I will release an update like this, giving you some highlights of things happening within the FlockHosting world, as well as Video Run down of fun things on-going, including these bits of news, but too sharing sites, ideas, fun that maybe doesn’t make it to the other areas šŸ™‚

But I do hope each month to get your feedback and participation in the forums, surveys, twitter andĀ FacebookĀ – heck even here on the blog posting a comment or two! I need to give andĀ receiveĀ quality communication to really keep things flowing and growing!


Thanks for Reading!

I hope you’ll tune in each month here at the blog for posts, updates, and too be on board with helping shape the next 10 years of FlockHosting by communicating with me! Let me know what you need, share, help, and meet amazing folks who are part of FlockHosting, many of which I am truly blessed to call not just clients or “brother or sister in the Lord” but genuinely call Friends. Have a GREAT Weekend all!