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Church Hosting Expansion!

The time has come… the server is to the brim! It’s time for another Church Hosting Server!

free-churchIn 2011 Church Hosting started and to be honest, it’s been a bit of a climb! Some folks even to this day think there is some catch, some “gotcha!” waiting for them in the wings, and yet those who’ve signed up (now over 40 churches!) are seeing the blessings of Church Hosting! No overages, just church hosting and support for their websites!

Where are we going from here? Bigger and Better! I still have been researching the idea of mass-storage for sermons, some churches are growing their audio archives, and still my desire for Video looms in the sidelines, I want it to be done right, and that’ll come with the launch of Crowd Funding, it will help really launch Church Hosting into a true Version 2.0!

For now Koinonia is FULL!  We have some very active churches right now and I don’t want to try to put my usual max on the server – this way all churches get the perfect use and room for growth long-term! So folks on Koinonia, your safe! Nothing’s going to change anytime soon (unless you get insanely popular, in which case you’ll move to the new server!) and I’m going to actually improve upon Koinonia with some more resources by the end of March which should give that some more wiggle room in case current users need more resources!

The new server (Named Fellowship) is being provisioned right now in which case should be online by by day’s end at the latest Friday if some software licenses are delayed, but hopefully sooner as for now if any new Church Hosting orders come in they will be placed on hold until the new server is stable – additional software licenses will roll in as they come, so advanced anti-spam may be slightly delayed a day or two.

So THANK YOU! Thank each and every one of you for spreading the word about Church Hosting! It’s exciting to see what it’s doing! The Church Hosting part of FlockHosting will be tuned up over the next few months so stay tuned for great things coming!

New Hosting Packages!

New hosting packages have arrived @ FlockHosting! All current customers will note they should have some new upgrades on their accounts (Check your resources in cPanel), your now “Legacy” packages will still continue to be billed at their current rates, just more resources to work with!

If you are looking to expand or have a side/church project, then look no further than the new package options – I have added some new options like our Enhanced Email, Bulk Media Storage, eComerce (SSL + Shopping Carts!) – things I have received as requests for the last 12 months, and I have been working hard to get them smoothed out and ready to go!

So look no further than the Hosting Page to see the new breakdown on packages!

Enhanced Email!

Over the last few years servers have grown, and the upkeep of email has become a larger and larger task for 1 server to handle, so why not split the load? That is exactly what we have done with the new Enhanced Email Service.

Features include the following:

  • Full IMAP/POP3 Access
  • BlackBerry, iPhone, G1 Friendly
  • Fully Featured Webmail over a SSL Connection
  • Enhanced Spam/Virus Protection
  • Up to 10GB of storage available
  • and much much more!

Check out the full email pricing and further information on the product page!