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Where’s my Q1 FlockUpdate?

For those of you who are regular watchers of the FlockUpdate, you may have noted that March has just left us without you getting a chance to see me sit in front of a camera and talk – well sadly my health has not been too good as of late, and for the last 3 months I’ve been out of commission.

I’ve been to my General Physician, a Chiropractor, a Cardiologist, Physical Therapy, and as of yesterday add Gastroenterologist to the list. So what on earth is wrong with me, well yesterday we found there was a blockage in my esophagus, a biopsy was taken, CT scan planned for tomorrow – but still not the core spot of the original pain that started this all! But! We did learn my heart is fantastic due to a catious GP wanting to do some tests.

So if you have noticed a slow-down in ticket response, or lack of reply on Live Chat – please understand with the pain I can’t sit sadly at a desk for any major length of time on average, some days are better than others but it’s not been an easy couple of months, but things are still working!

The next week or so things may slow down a bit, with taxes still looming, budget getting tighter since I haven’t had a lot of contract hours these past few months, stress keeps trying to pile up, and I do my best to hand it off to the Lord, but sadly human nature’s inability to see from that Godly perspective let’s fear take the reigns sometimes, but I’m prayerfully expecting God will do good things through all of this! But I do covet your prayers!

Once things settled down and things are sorted out there will be a proper FlockUpdate, and news on things going on behind the scenes with performance, and servers – but for now just wanted to give folks an bit of info on what’s going on with the man behind the curtain! More coming soon! Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Disabling WordPress XMLRPC

A large number of sites have got hit with WordPress attacks, and weak passwords are falling victim to hackers trying bulk password attempts over XMLRPC service built into WordPress – so to help battle this issue I’ve begun rolling out a patch across all servers which disables access to this system.

If you are someone who is actively using this service within WordPress, please open a ticket so I can give you access in an alternative way!

Posts, Posts and More Posts!

I have a few posts in the works, one of which is a series of posts which will then be a downloadable PDF on how to build a Church Website using Church Hosting – a lot of the same things would apply to a normal website, but with 110+ churches hosting for free now, really working hard to build some guides to help churches really build up their websites!

The old FlockUpdates may be back now and again to see this silly mug of mine, but rest assured more good things are coming! Soon too going to be re-opening the Crowd Funding site to see if anyone is up for helping grow Church Hosting even more! So excited to see so many churches getting hosted for free, one even told me a story of another provider offering “FREE” but by the end of the sign-up well over $100! Oi! Let’s get the word out about Church Hosting and keep our churches free on the web!

In Other News…

Yesterday on Facebook & Twitter today I posted this picture:

Acer Chromebook & 3 Chromecasts!
Acer Chromebook & 3 Chromecasts!

I’m giving these away as mentioned in a post wrapping up 2014, basically I’m looking to bolster up business without big advertising and I need your help, if you can help you may be one of the lucky winners to get some free hosting and these cool prizes! There is a mystery prize I plan to hand out too, again the target is 5 folks referred and it’ll be a random drawing, let’s just say, it’s rather exclusive and only 2 other people have it…. anywhere. Too if we get a HUGE surge of sign-ups then there will be additional “Thank You” prizes including but not limited to T-Shirts, Stickers, Account Credits and More! So help make this huge!

Want an easy way to convince folks to sign-up? How about some coupon codes for 2015! There’s one for Personal (2015-6M-PER) and one for Business (2015-6M-BIZ) – these are both 6 month packages! For personal it’s $20.15 for 6 months, and for business its $40.30 (Double 2015) all in all some great savings! And it sticks with you, not some one shot discount, you get it for as long as you have an account, so every 6 months great savings! Looking for a year to spread the word for? Our regular pricing is great as well, but more promos are coming!

So stay tuned for more posts! They are on the way!

Migrations are Done!

work-n-manSo welcome to your new homes! There has been some slight confusion about these migrations and folks having issues connecting – I do apologize for all the confusion please know you are not alone, these were some really large moves, and some of you have been used to your server names for some time and you have email apps, smartphones, and bookmarks which take you to a certain place, you just don’t worry about it, it works! Of course until the move!

Server names have indeed changed with the migrations and as they are complete you may need to do some adjustments to your links and apps, and here’s the breakdown:

If you were on: solomon.flockhosting.com — Your new server name is: lilly.flockhosting.com

If you were on: faith.flockhosting.com -or- shepherd.flockhosting.com — Your new server name is: grace.flockhosting.com

If you were on koinonia.flockhosting.com -or- fellowship.flockhosting.com — Your new server name is: church.flockhosting.com

Please address your URL’s for bookmarks to the new name, and with your email app, smartphone, etc. please ensure that you are using these new names as your incoming/outgoing mail server.

As always if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

FlockUpdate: News Edition

The idea of the FlockUpdate is still alive and well in my book, but first year of marriage, big life changes, big business changes – a guy gets busy! But I wanted to get out some news on recent happenings and some changes still in motion!

First things first – a hot topic in tickets & chats… oh we are going up a font size for this one:


Oh yes, the dreaded canned meat of email (then again there are some which enjoy a good bit of spam… ) – anywhoo, it’s been bad! While ASSP did an amazing job of blocking, it really BLOCKED everything, let’s be honest, you were likely like some missing email entirely! Never fear, Cleaner is still learning, I’ve been training, today fed it over 20,000 pieces of spam, and about 10,000 pieces of good mail! It’s learning!

That’s not all, I’ve added a new firewall in front of Cleaner which blocks known spammers & abusers, and since the log is quickly filling up with notices of connections blocked! So hopefully over the next few days those of you using Cleaner will note a reduction in spam! If not do open a ticket, let’s find a way to fix that!

Now if you want to help, create a folder in your mailbox (only works if you are using IMAP or Webmail) called “spam” no upper case anywhere, just “spam” (no quotes either) copy or move any and all spam that gets by into that folder, with that I’ll monthly grab everyones spam folders, and use it to further train the filter what is getting by and needs to be cleaned up! On the other side if you have mail that keeps getting caught and is good, create a folder called “ham” and add a copy in there, it will allow me to use mail you find to be good to train the system further what’s good!

Now that we’ve covered a big topic, let’s go bigger still!


Things are going good! I got the hardware provisioned this week with this 8 core beauty, 32gb of ram, and 1 TB of storage-goodness running on the latest CentOS 6 running Cloudlinux! *taps the mic so the tech white noise fades from your ears* – The new server is running a lot of good software to give each of you the MOST you can get out of your website! Security is a big jump too running a system called CageFS which helps lock down each user even further for safety’s sake! Should eventually make SSH a option for some folks should they want it!

Final kicking of the tires tonight and tomorrow, moving sites starting on Sunday/Monday with Faith & Shepherd – should be a painless move! Rolling some moves tonight to get things started in the realm of testing and ensuring everything is running smoothly!

Website Building Services

Not sure how to get your blog, business, personal or family website up and running? Look no further! Next week I hope to unveil the new FlockHosting Web Page Building Services! It will help you leverage the power of FlockHosting’s easy to use auto-installed apps with great themes and even helping build it out initially & include some education on how to update what is setup! This service will start at $100 flat + cost of theme (there will be free and paid themes) – so in need? Now’s a perfect time!

The process will be simple, up to 10 pages you can upload text for, a few choice photos, a logo, and you’ll be off and running! Full details will be posted online next week, if you are interested please don’t hesitate to communicate with me!

All in all….

Things are going well, just wanted to update you guys on things moving forward, a lot of these upcoming changes should be pretty much transparent, no need to do anything on your end, email is the only change where if you are using say:

shepherd.flockhosting.com / faith.flockhosting.com

Once your migration day has come then you simply change the entry in your Smartphone/Email Client to:


But don’t do it just yet! Still in the works – keep an eye out for an email! Changes should be happening fairly quickly! So stay tuned! Have a BLESSED Thursday!