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Anti-Social for a Week!

big-heartIn the olden days of my working in the interwebs I would take a break from the web, there was a time that I’d a month off, and then as I got more and more connected into work, I worked out a week and then as once again things got incredibly busy I sort of did away with it, however starting April 29th thru May 6th at 8AM – I will be taking a break from social networks, this includes the social networks not just of a personal nature but those for FlockHosting too.

What does this Mean?

Well quite simply updates and outage notices will be limited to this blog, the status page and customer zone’s server status – I won’t be cross posting to Facebook or Twitter simply because I won’t be monitoring for responses and I encourage you to visit the communicate page as I will still be monitoring Instant Message/Live Support/Tickets and Email.


Because I need time to re-focus. I am going to be using the time that’d I would be interacting on social networks both personal and business wise and really focus that time back on God and seek actively his direction as I move towards the middle of the year – I have some amazing things going on in my personal life, too my personal walk with God I’ve been actively praying about God’s direction on where I go next with church – but too I want to use this week to pray up FlockHosting and this business as a whole and find God’s will for it all, as things are changing, I just want use this time away to just really lift it all up in prayer!


Can I help somehow?

I always love FlockHosters helping out – always blessed to have some amazing customers who actively lift me up in prayer, send me new customers and really just genuinely support me! I’d ask that you keep doing what your doing to send in folks for hosting, communicate with me during this week via Chat/Email/IM and let me know how FlockHosting can help you spread the word, lift you up in prayer or even just help you with your website!

Too just keep me in your prayers thru this week, I won’t be completely invisible from the web, just focused a bit more!

Can I do this too?

Sure thing! I invite and encourage everyone to take a look at their time spent in social networks – there are so many, and they can take a large part of your time, even their pro’s of having good communication they can have their downsides too. If you plan to join in and take a week off – post a comment here! If your interested in joining me in a YouVersion.com study, Monday one of the devotionals I’ll be starting is the Hawk Nelson Overflow Devo, site is free and you can do the readings online or via your smart phone using the Bible app (Android/iPhone/Etc.).


Thanks for Reading!

Please do bookmark the communicate page, or know you can always reach me via email! Thanks for your prayers in advance!