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Server Move Fun!

Well the primary server which FlockHosting.com lives on was moved – you may or may not of noticed, downtime was really nothing as the site stayed live on both servers – however you may note the Customer Zone is still down, and that’s probably the old copy – once the “Maintenance” notice goes away your live on the new server. I am still double checking everything and making sure were good to go, but the move looks smooth and clean, and work on the wiki and new site will continue this week.

Thanks for the patience the last few months as things continue to revamp here and there, the Wiki is already laying out good – hope to unviel it before the first of the year if not target date for new website, and support wiki is Jan. 25th… and oh yes – fun things happening on that day (or so I hope!)

Have a Blessed Weekend! And stay tuned for more news!

It’s Audit Season!

I don’t have a full accounting department that checks billing, or deals solely on issues of accounting (I wish I did!) but I have been making some real efforts to get all things in line and up to date as far as billing, servers, etc. I have some plans for growth into 2011 – So I am trying to get all my ducks in a row!

Today some big progress has been made! Today the server SHEPHERD is 100% audited! Accounts overdue will have a ticket created by days end, accounts long-dead and gone, deleted, accounts of my own from ages ago, migrated to separate hardware – and APPRECIATE applied to ALL customers on the server!

So what’s next? Tomorrow my plan (time allowing) is to tackle FAITH – it and SHEPHERD are two of the oldest servers in the fleet, Sheepy & Titus are slated to come back in 2011 if things continue to grow! More news though this weekend on some other products in the background which if you like you can  participate in!

Thanks for your continued business, prayers and patience!

Can’t Send Email?

Over the last 12 hours had a few tickets crop up of customers having problems sending email when using Verizon Internet Access – if your having problems on any of our servers sending mail you may need to make adjustments to your outbound SMTP server configuration enable SSL and change port 25/27 -> 587 – in most cases this has fixed the issue.

If your Email Client is still having issues or reporting a certificate error – change your outbound SMTP server name to the server name you are on so for one example if you login to cPanel and the URL will change it will provide you with the server name such as “faith.flockhosting.com” replace this as the server name for your outbound SMTP and it has a signed proper SSL certificate so this error will go away.

If you are still having problems please open a ticket and send me the error messages you have received.

Performance on Praise

The real test of a new server build is putting people on said server, and seeing how it ticks. For the most part very few issues! (PTL!) but some minor performance things have hit lately, and putting in some fixes here and there – few more tune ups should be expected but I am going to try and keep as many brief as possible, one requires a rebuild of some services to adjust things – which *may* take upwards of an hour of downtime to perform – working on a realistic time table for that one, but it’ll be late night & a weekend, so stay tuned.

Tonight’s should be quick and painless, around 11PM (PDT) server will be rebooted to put some changes into place, if all goes as planned (and that’s what I’m praying for) outage should only be 5-10 minutes – but should something go differently than planned – I will post an update here with more info on time-frames. Stay tuned with more – even if all goes as planned, I’ll post an update here!

[UPDATE:] Praise is back online! No issues – part two of enhancement is a little longer winded, more details will follow but for now – server is back online hopefully these tweaks will help level everyone out. Thanks for your patience and prayers!

Mixed Network Issues [Resolved]

Currently some customers are finding a bulk of FH servers un-reachable, as it stands I have mixed reports and some folks reporting everything A-OK, so something is happening somewhere along the network. Got a ticket up with the DC and working to see what exactly the problem is – I will update this post with more as I get more! Prayers and Patience appreciated!

Update: Just got news from the DC things are sorted out here’s the news I got:

There was a brief issue with one of our external network providers that affected a number of our customers. We contacted them as soon as we heard reports of customers unable to connect and the issue appears to have been corrected.

Again thanks for your patience!