The Outage… Oi!

Where to begin? Firs things first: All Services are now 100% online.

Where we stand:

Here’s where we are with things right now:

  • Chuck is Incredibly Tired (and a little bit hungry)

The outage has brought about some interesting things, though:

  • Increased followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • Huge increase to the trouble ticket list (largest ever in 10+ years!)
  • Clients were updating their details.

So one bad thing, three positive things. God’s got it all figured out.

Where we are going:

Outages are never fun, and you can plan and plan and plan some more. However, things like a data center wide power outage aren’t something planned for. The current provider has had problems with power in the past (back in 2014) but since has been stable.

Now I’m not a fan of just running when something goes wrong. I mean we serve God. He’s all about forgiveness and redemption! So forgive and forget right? Right. But that does not mean I will stay at the full capacity I have been.

Grace and Church are the two remaining stragglers, it’s been part of my plan for a while now to move them, and I’ve already got server hardware delivered. Biggest servers yet.

The Plan:

Migration. I’ll post more once I have a tad more rest under my belt. The long-term goal is to move Grace and Church sooner than later. Now with next to nothing in sleep for well over a week I need rest. So if I can wing some rest soon, I’ll work likely one or the other this weekend or next.


I’ve been blessed with amazing customers. Go ahead, high five yourself from Me. While I do understand those customers who are frustrated (you are no less awesome) are upset because they are using hosting services and they are down, I appreciate all of you for sticking it out.

As always, I own up to this, as a one man show I could say “Oh the datacenter dropped the ball! Wasn’t me!” but let’s be honest. I chose this company. I placed your sites on these servers, they failed. That’s my bad. I chose to forgive and forget but I must build things back up and keep them stable.

I am going to do more, and do some contests with some prizes as well as my way of saying thanks – the cool thing is all active and current customers are entered! So hang tight, by FlockUpdate time in a few weeks I’ll have more on that and more about stabilizing everything.

Thank you all for sticking with me! Appreciate everyone’s support! Hopefully we’ll have all things cleared up very shortly!


Third Wednesday Funday

Probably could come up with a better title, but I think it works :-)

FlockHosting has been around 5021 days (13 years) and one of the things I used to do way back when was sponsor a site on a monthly basis. Where did it go? Honestly? I don’t remember! Didn’t have the blog back then to document – and this only goes back to 2007. So let’s not fret about when it disappeared, let’s focus on Today. It re-appears.

So how does this work? What is Third Wednesday Funday?

What it is:

It is plainly a giveaway. Every third Wednesday of the month I’ll take nominations from the following sources:

  • Email
  • Voicemail
  • Text Message
  • Blog Comment
  • IM
  • LiveChat (even leaving a message if I’m not on)
  • Facebook – Use #fhfunday (or Tag us!)
  • Twitter – Use #fhfunday (or Tag us!)
  • Google+ – Use #fhfunday (or Tag us!)

All you need to do is nominate someone. On social networking, you would tag their username, on the others, provide a Name/URL/Email address. Any and all information isn’t going to go into some database or marketing list. I’m going to use it ONLY for these giveaways; their name goes into a hat, a person/company/band/etc. You find deserving gets a chance at the following:

  • 1 Year of Hosting
  • 1 Year SSL Certificate
  • 1 Year of Weebly Starter
  • $10 Credit for the person who nominated you!

Only cost the winner has, is the cost of a domain. If they already are online, then no cost, we point their domain to FlockHosting! This offer will power your nominee’s website for a full calendar year, and then they’ll be given an additional year at renewal for 10% off current pricing.

Why do this?

The web is “accessible” to most people. For many the $5 month cost of hosting means cutting out a coffee or a taco bell run from their month. Let’s be honest beyond that – the web can be scary. The plan with this offer is to help stop the “I don’t know what I need!” going into the world of web. All goodies included will give folks room to play for a year and build/experiment, etc. No risk of that $5 going to waste.

For others nominated it may mean getting away from a host that’s not meeting their needs. Outages, out of resources – they need a change to keep an active website successful.

My hope is that with each winner in the 12 months can build a website at no cost, and see the benefit of FlockHosting and will continue to be FlockHosters even after the free year is up!

I’m already with FlockHosting, Can I be nominated?

Sadly the goal is to take folks, not on FlockHosting and bring them in, but if your nominee wins, you do get a $10 credit on your account, so you can get something out of this if you nominate!

How many times can I nominate?

Up to 3 people per monthly funday.

When do I start?

First thing tomorrow! I’ve already got a post in the queue, it’ll go live at midnight and have comments open through the day – as well as you can use the listed options above some most listed on the communicate page. So look at your twitter followers, facebook friends, websites you visit, and pick some folks to nominate!

FlockUpdate: January 2016

Show Notes:

  • Weebly Live! Interested you can get rolling via cPanel! Ordering coming soon for new sites!
  • New Packages, New Pricing, and an NEW SITE! Amazon Prime type membership for discounts long-term.
  • Managed WordPress – It’s FREE! No cost and helps keep you safe! Got a question? Communicate!
  • Year End Audit wrapping up!
  • What would you like to see added to the FlockUpdate? Toss in a comment, tweet, facebook message – you name it!
  • Server Upgrades, Software Updates, Reboots! 2016 with a clean & lean set of servers!
  • Thanks for the donations! Some said they didn’t know the spot to donate you can always donate online at
  • More stuff coming in 2016! Praying it is blessed through the entire year!
  • Got a question? Tag a question in social media with #askfh – I’ll answer them in the next video or a special video – you can always comment or email them in too!

Support Rocks!

At the end of the year and the start of the year, I got a few donations in for FlockHosting’s Church Hosting! It’s an awesome blessing and really does help me out tremendously!

I’ve also gotten some notes from people wanting to donate quarterly and monthly – everything helps! I’m not asking for anyone to go hungry, but even if you just gave up a cup of coffee a week (I’m talking Starbucks PSL’s) and donate that for a month, you would be helping out churches galore!

But how does it help? Well just got an email yesterday from a church hoster who had this to say:

I want to say, once again, thank you for your ministry! We recently had a young couple come and join us at LUMC in large part because of our Website! That’s such a huge blessing! Jim N.

Awesome blessing to know that these website tools are helping to build a presence online that can help folks find the good news in their local area, visiting a nearby town, and more! Donations like those that have come in of even $5 one time help me to cover costs of many services including Weebly! It has some advanced features I can’t just foot the bill for – so this helps me help churches who need advanced features!

So thank you guys so much who’ve donated and agreed to donate – I wish I was a non-profit and could give you a perk back, but I know God won’t let your donations come back void! God Loves a Cheerful Giver! Thanks for cheerfully supporting FlockHosting’s free Church Hosting!