FlockUpdate for February 2017

Show Notes

December Pre-FlockUpdate

While I am still a few days (likely Monday) from actually recording a FlockUpdate, I find myself reflecting on 2016 – the year was shy on new customers compared to 2015, but still healthy growth.

So what’s on the docket for 2017? Growth. Running forward with my head up to build a bigger, better, stronger FlockHosting – and I’ll talk about that more in the video this next week but with all that’s happened in 2016 – let’s all give 2017 over to God and know HE is in control of what is to come!

How can you help in 2017 with the growth of FlockHosting? Help spread the word. I have a new FlockHosting coming up which will focus on the three primary product lines I plan to offer. Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and VPS Servers – I’m leaving the door open for custom quotes for Dedicated Servers and Email Servers, but the site is getting a BIG cleanup when it comes to what FlockHosting does.

I’ll be talking too on the FlockUpdate of things like New FlockHosting Shirts, new business cards, PDF’s made for Bulletin Inserts (if you feel so helpful as a Church hosting with us) and lots more.

So look forward to the video this next week! Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

FlockUpdate November 2016

Show Notes:

  • Moved to a new home! Thus been busy! Projects + Moving = Tired
  • Weebly Farewell – Didn’t Work – No Pickup – Site Mush
  • Mail Deliverability – All Servers using MailChannels (Except Private Servers)
  • cPanel .60 Release, DNS, and more! Full Release Notes here!
  • Billing Upgrade this weekend! Quick Blip, then done.
  • Migration of Grace, Lilly, Church & Fellowship (Church & Grace SQL Issues – Moving in January, Lilly, and Fellowship in December)
  • New FlockHosting.com
    • New Pricing – $7ish range single package
    • WordPress Hosting – Improved Speed, Improved Tools, Simple Pricing
    • FlockHosting Design some ideas coming soon! Are you a designer? Get in touch!
  • VPS Pricing is going down considerably! New VPS tech, going to launch with the release of the new site!
  • New Gear and Giveaways coming soon! Lower prices for those who want the goodies, proceeds go to keep Church Hosting Running!
  • Have a great one and as always email or use the communicate page to get in touch!

Where did October Go?

It is hard to believe that November is over this next week and December is quickly approaching! Where has the time gone?

A quick update for you, let’s do it bullet style:

  • FlockUpdate has been recorded, coming soon!
  • FlockHosting.com is getting a facelift & new pricing (Cyber Monday Sale? Maybe.)
  • Some new software installed on servers (FlockUpdate will have more info!)
  • Doing some Security Updates tonight, services may off/on as things happen, should all be brief (less than 90 seconds)
  • Billing System is finally getting upgraded this evening at 10 PM.

I’ll post some updates to Social Networks about when things are going on, but nothing should ever go offline. The upgrades should be brief, I do have at least two servers which need MySQL upgrades to make upcoming changes a lot easier – a lot of this is going to be in the FlockUpdate, hopefully re-recording tonight (for a 3rd time, because 3rd time’s the charm!) so hang tight!

Hope all of you that celebrated Thanksgiving are recovering nicely 🙂